[Userscript] Wanikani Heatmap


I have no idea what you were saying, though

Never mind - deleted.

Great script - just installed it! Happy to see that it works properly now (they show up on the right date - I read earlier in the thread about it)

One minor request: Being able to see the exact start/end time of reviews within an hour (e.g. instead of just 17h, being able to see that it was between 17:03 and 17:35 upon hovering…)

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Not sure whether I want to add that much detail, but I will consider it

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Maybe a setting? I would love to be able to see that…

I have put the files on GitHub for your pleasure. I’m not joking when I say it’s not pleasant to look at.

Just put this in a new script in your script handler


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There’s a lot still in progress - such as the lack of settings - but I like what my mind is projecting it to be…

Maybe use blue instead of pink for reviews to match the big buttons? (Not to mention using the different shades)

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Yep, everything is in progress, which is why I haven’t published it yet. Right now I am adding settings by defining user settings inside the script, the setting interface will come later. The pink is literally just a random color, there will be settings for it

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I just meant for default colors… I actually like the pink for lessons. I just noticed the settings button is already there! :wink:

Keep up the great work! I can’t wait for release!

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The default colors will probably be the GitHub greens as it’s been in the previous version


Oh… let me save these colors to Heatmap v2 then. I’m a little surprised - it would fit quite nicely with the pink and blue buttons if you were to change it.

The funny thing is that now that I’ve seen v3, I don’t think I can willingly go back (not that I can’t actually go back - but just that I don’t want to)…


Having different defaults for reviews and lessons isn’t a bad idea, so maybe I will consider that


I just took a look out of curiosity and I like how it’s going, I shall eagerly anticipate it when you next decide that that is the script to procrastinate with that day ^-^


Guess I got a bit inspired after posting the v3 beta yesterday

  • Fix: hiding years (already did this feature but had broken it at some point)
  • Add: color settings
  • Add: gradient feature
  • Add: zero lesson streak
  • Add: streak info in hover info
  • Add: day number in hover info
  • Add: SRS diff in SRS hover info in pop-up
  • Add: next year appearing early for forecast
  • Fix: accounting for vacation mode for forecast
  • Add: auto-ranging using quantiles

Now I basically just need to make things look good and implement the interface for the settings. Oh, and some heavy refactoring, of course.


I have installed your beta to give it a try. Here is my feedback.

  • This looks like a massive refactoring you did. There is a lot of work involved. Thank you for doing this.
  • This takes a massive amount of screen estate located above the WK colored boxes for the SRS stages. Can we have it at the bottom of the screen?
  • I don’t see the maximum number for a day for lessons and reviews. I use this feature in the current heatmap and I know others use it too. It informs us about our worst case workload.
  • The colors for the items font is unreadable.
  • Then there is this. It reports invalid date on hover.

date .

  • I have no idea what the numbers in the two columns below SRS means. Perhaps a hovertip?
  • Also when we hover these number a pop up show up well below what is hovered. The distance is annoying. Also it is not clear what this information refers to.


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Since this is primarily for me to test with, no. I’m not sure where I am going to put it later, but for now it’s convenient for me to have it there. As with v2 you will eventually be able to toggle which map is visible, it’s just easier to test stuff if everything is visible all the time

Ah, not sure if I forgot about this or what. Will add it to my list.

Thanks. I am developing with Breeze Dark on (not the best idea, but it’s easier on the eyes) and am planning on going over everything with the native theme as well once I am nearing completion.

Am aware of this one. I haven’t fully decided on how to phrase the hover info, so it’s been left like that until I make a choice

The idea is that the pop-up clarifies what the column means. I couldn’t find a good way to make it clear without hover info. I know that it shows up lower than it should, I just need to fix that with some CSS when I make sure everything looks good. The information itself is the reviewed items’ SRS distribution before and after the review. I have been using this to see how the items moved after my reviews. The “Diff” figure at the bottom indicates the net number of SRS stages items moved up or down. I agree that this should be clearer, but I’m not really sure how.

In general it’s function over form right now. I need to make sure everything works as it should, and then I will make sure it looks right.

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Thanks for the quick feedback.

For test it is fine. I will just disable the script when I am not evaluating it. Just let me know when you need someone to look at it again and I will re-enable it.

For your information, I like to have the current heatmap at the bottom of the screen. This works fine for me.

I think this is not working well. It is not clear to me that the popup clarifies the SRS info. It is not apparent how the two are related.

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You could make that a setting - let the user make that choice - e.g. for level of detail, and for time format (12-hour/24-hour)

I particularly like being able to do this with the new heatmaps



It’s Minecraft for statistics nerds :smiley: