[Userscript] Enhanced Levels Overview

Sorry to bump this old thread up again, but I’m having issues with it…
For some reason the script stopped working for me (Chrome Browser). Am I the only one havin issues?

Here a list of my installed scripts

I did not install any new scripts lately. Level Plus worked just fine with all of them before. I can’t quite tell when exactly it stopped working.

I really love this script and would be happy to get it working again :hugs:


Seems to still be working for me on the latest version of chrome. My first guess is that one of the other extensions updated and is now conflicting with it, or it’s throwing an error somewhere. Can you open your dev console and refresh the dashboard and screenshot any red errors you get?

(I installed all of the extensions you are using except the NHK Easy Practice one to see if any were conflicting and the levels overview is still loading ok on my end)

I’ve had the same error as the user above for the same duration, it’s probably the same thing, this is the error I get,

Ah ok. I just pushed a new version (2.2.3) that should fix it.


Works perfectly now!! Thank you.

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Thanks! Now it works fine again :partying_face:
Sorry for not replying to your previous question @razorcat, I was absent for a few days.

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Thank you for creating this script! It’s going to help me figure out where to start doing vocab lessons again after skipping them all these levels ago… Pretty terrifying visuals, but at least now I know what to do.