[Userscript]: Double-Check (Version 2.x)

I left everything on default except for on the first page of the settings where I enabled marking answers as wrong, and as correct.

@rfindley Thanks for the script. I have a quick question: what happens when I’ve made a mistake previously but accidentally moved forward with the wrong answer? If I see that same item again, is there anyway to remove the mistake made previously?

Not with the script, no. It’s possible to remove the item record from browser storage, then refresh. But that’s a somewhat complicated process. You could also simply clear browser cache and refresh, but you’d also lose any other items that are half-completed (ones where you only answered either reading or meaning, not both).

(Also, I can’t take credit for the script. I just made some updates when it broke after some Wanikani changes)

Is it possible to reorder the buttons under the answer field? Currently the hirigana reference sheet is in the middle, which is fine. But when i get an answer wrong, or if there are multiple possible answers, a big pop up arrow points at the middle button saying “click here to see more info on this vocab.” Normally it would be pointing at the eyeball more info button, but with everything shifted left, it points at the hirigana chart, and it bothers me immensely.

Just wanted to say that I really appreciate this script! After messing up for years because of an accidental typo, I’ve finally decided to stop being stubborn and grab this, so thanks!


Just discovered this script. It will now replace the “Ignore this answer” button I’ve had for ages.

The only thing I’d to see added is a short little confirmation before the auto move in the lightning mode. Something like bishbashbosh does. Just a little positive feedback. The answer bar lighting up green for one second and then moving on would be awesome.

You know that you you passed the item if it moves to the next, though?

Right. My point is that while I like the auto-move, the current implementation is a tad abrupt.

BishBashBosh does this really well. It delays the move about one second while overlaying a little positive reinforcement message. http://jptools.s3-website-us-east-1.amazonaws.com/bishbashbosh.html

Ideally Double-check would have an option to delay the move for one second while displaying the green bar.

H @rfindley,
I am still exploring this script which is new to me.
I noticed the 1st post description does not account for newer options such as “wrong answer type”:
I was not sure what is meant : type/typo, onyomi/kunyomi confusion, or something else.

to other people wondering the same, this option is detecting:

  • if the user typed in one of the item meanings (main, whitelist, synonyms) when WK was testing the reading,
  • if the user type one of readings (on, kun, etc) in place of the expected meaning info.

“Wrong answer type” is:

  • Meaning vs reading
  • on’yomi vs kun’yomi (vs the third reading type, whatever it’s called)
  • Maybe kanji vs vocab (I can’t remember if I implemented this)

Nanori? Ateji? Gikun? Jukujikun?

Nanori. Screenshot from the kanji 大


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I tried installing double check on a different computer today, but it won’t activate for some reason. Tampermonkey says it’s enabled and currently running when I do reviews, but I can’t use any of the features- active or passive.

Edit: this is on Chrome

Perhaps it is because nothing never shows up unless you are actually doing reviews. In the review screen there should be additional buttons on the right of the button bar at the bottom of the screen. There is also a settings option on the top left corner of the review screen. Can you confirm whether you see this?

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I was doing reviews…

No additional buttons appeared. I only had the home button in the upper left as well.


In this case @rfindley intervention is required.

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The usual steps:

Press F12 and click on the Console tab to see if there are any errors.


Tagging @CDR-Strawberry because rfindley has responded.

Thanks! I’ll try it next time I’m on that computer.

@rfindley I do get an error message,
Tampermonkey is enabled though :confused: