[Userscript]: Anime Context Sentences

Is it possible to reorder the section so that it appears after “Patterns of use” or within “Context sentences”? Due to the current font size for each section title, it looks like the “Patterns of use” section is a subsection of “Anime Sentences”.

Edit: The code is really straightforward, so it was fairly easy to change the appendAtTop with a regular append and also add new sentence sorting options (by anime title and random). Thanks a lot for the good level of organization and abstraction!


Has anyone else had their settings for this script reset randomly from time to time?

Never (at least, not unexpectedly). If you delete website data (cookies, cache, …) in your browser, then it will also delete the WKOF cache - and therefore settings of scripts. Maybe that is what happened?

I’ve never done any of that…could having an obscene amount of tabs opened maybe have anything to do with this?

No (at least that would be quite a weird browser…)
It definitely has to do with your cache getting flushed, since the settings are stored within the browser cache.
Maybe because one of these reasons?:

  • your browser has a setting enabled that regularly flushes your cache (e.g. Firefox has such a setting)
  • you use incognito/private mode. In that case, the cache is immediately lost after closing the window
  • your browser flushes the cache whenever it receives an update? Or maybe an OS update does so? (e.g. Safari updates usually come bundled with a new MacOS, though a cache flush never happened to me)
  • a browser extension might be responsible?

It can be any of these, or other. I also don’t know much about settings in mobile browsers.
Every browser and OS is different, so check if you have the trouble on a different browser and/or device.

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Came to say thank you

Like, thanks a lot

Just yesterday I came across this thread, installed it right away and it is a game-changer for me

I must confess that while doing lessons, the most time consuming part is reading the context sentences to the point that I’ve skipped some when I think I get the word right away. It’s sooo different just clicking and listening to an audio of a show that I already know and sometimes I can remember what episode it was and what they were talking about. So I’ve cleared some doubts about the usage of a couple of words faster than the traditional way.

Is there a way to select all movies and series at once? At the time it seems like it only allows you to for example select all movies or all series and so on


I’m using Chrome on a laptop and never use incognito for WaniKani. Maybe it’s 1 or 4 - I am using a number of other extensions…

If you cannot seem to find the culprit: there’s a user script that can backup settings to your desktop. In case your settings get again wiped by your browser, you can just install the backup by two clicks and you’re ready to go.


thank you for bumping this script, I’m blown away with all the sentences available. Such hard work!!

Thank you!

Hello everyone. Is there a way to make this box bigger so that I don’t have to scroll?

(I stopped doing reviews for like a year and forgot around the last 5 levels completely. Now when I don’t know something I have to always have to click all boxes. Does someone know a script that just combines all the boxes to one box. This one box would then automatically unfold once I made a mistake. That would be cool. But that is optional.)

Not a solution, but a workaround to unfold all boxes at once:
Press F to pay respects to open subject details box, then
pressing E directly unfolds all boxes.

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For that you’ll have to modify the code of the script:
Under the function “createStyle”, where it says “max-height” change the number to whatever value in pixels you want the box height to be.
I also wanted to change the size of the window as soon as I got the script but it took me a good 10/15 minutes to figure out how because I’m no coder.

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Is there a way to play the audio on the vocabulary pages? e.g. https://www.wanikani.com/vocabulary/無視する

what do you mean?
you can play audio for the vocabulary, the context sentences (using advance context sentence 2 ) and the anime sentences.

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Oh, sorry, it’s working again after I restarted (I could see the sentences but the audio wasn’t playing). Seem to run into little issues frequently on my end ::

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Audio is very distored during playback for me.
It turnes out default playback speed is 0.75 and it sounds awful.

@require probably needs to be updated to ?version=1207013 as well as Line 126 to .forType('vocabulary,kanaVocabulary').

Anyway, I have updated my fork accordingly.

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There are several issues in mobile browser (Kiwi on Android), starting from missing settings with anime selection list (both desktop and mobile site versions).

I mean it is impossible to open combobox.

Just as a small note: Only Yesterday (おもいでぽろぽろ) is a Ghibli movie, but it’s not in Ghibli section for some reason.