Useful (to me) feature request

It may have been suggested before, in which case I apologize for making a new topic.

I would like the ability to do an Ad-hoc (on demand) review of my burned items. Like click a “review burned items” button … it asks me how many I want … I put in the number and it randomly generates a review of that many items (OPTIONAL: to add flexibility - vocab, word, radical could be check-boxable for inclusion)). It does not use SRS, does not keep track, does not ‘count for anything’ other than helping me keep those items in my memory. Of course a check to make sure it doesn’t give me the same item more than once in my current review set would be good and giving me a ‘score’ when done might be nice too.


I only use IE11 … which is why I thought making it an actual product feature might be nice.

Well that’s your first problem. :sweat_smile:

@Kumirei : I added more after you saw it.


IE actually isn’t that bad nowadays … /chrome user


IE isn’t bad at all nowadays. /ubuntu&firefox user
Seriously, when I checked windows 10, IE was working real nice. I think it’s just people having the mindset that it’s bad is what results in less addons for IE. Or maybe it’s hard to port them? I don’t know tbh.

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Probably because no one cares about that 3.5% Market Share

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Hilariously enough, one of the of the reasons so many people were convinced to move to Chrome was that it was less vulnerable to online maliciousness because of how few people used it.

How the tables have turned …

Why doesn’t everyone love Edge yet? Our gracious overlords told us it’s the best…


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IE is made by microsoft, the piece of shit company that collects pretty much all the metadata it can about all of its users so it can sell to advertisers. It hides the options for most of its telemetry bullshit, and every time your computer forces you to update OS, it resets your options back to the default with all of their sneaky shit enabled. I would rather cut my own dick off than use anything made by microsoft, and the only reason I am using windows 8 right now is because a lot of things are cucked for linux and apple.

Yes, I HATE that. It enables HyperV, which makes VMware stop working… it overwrites the OEM Realtek audio drivers with a generic version that trashes the configuration and introduces annoying audio issues… the list goes on and on…

On-topic, though: I think you can get Tampermonkey for IE now, so there’s a good chance a lot of the userscripts will work.

And soon Netscape will rise again and finally complete the circle of Browser Hubris.

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I use Lynx because nobody’s trying to hack it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Japan, IE: 17,85%

^^^ Oh, Japan… Whhhhyyyyy!!?


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“Oh, you’re learning Japanese!! Awesome! They have the best technology in the world, don’t they?! :smiley:


You’re doing something incorrect then, hyper-V does not enable itself. Source: I admin over 200 servers and several thousand workstations

Edit: it’s also a role that manually has to be installed so again it can’t enable itself after an update you had to have installed the server or workstation role at some point

I believe it’s Visual Studio updates (as part of MS updates) that enable the role. It wants to turn on HyperV to allow virtual machines for Android development. I installed the Android develop package, which includes QEMU. Discovered that HyperV and VMware don’t play well, so I turned off HyperV role, electing to set up a VMware Android machine instead. But updates did indeed turn it back on again.

I’ve heard of defaulting settings after updating. Every time I use Windows 10 (rarely) there is an update, and Firefox is still my default browser. Is something wrong with my installation?

I suspect reverting the default browser might actually be a sensitive legal issue for MS, at least in the U.S., as a result of some of the monopoly lawsuits MS has been through regarding browsers.

But it’s apparently fair game for all kinds of other settings. :slight_smile:

Side note…
I do understand the notion of auto-fixing common issues that people get themselves into, but it can make it frustrating for users that don’t use the default settings.

Case-in-point for ‘helpful’ features: My Samsung TV, when you try to change the HDMI source, will sometimes ‘decide’ that you don’t know what you’re doing, and will auto-revert to TV. I haven’t figured out the pattern for how it decides when you’re an idiot that needs its ‘help’. It’s not just due to remaining in the ‘source’ menu too long, because I’ve left it there for minutes before while hunting for an HDMI cable. It just feels like some random lottery where it decides to subvert your actions in the middle of selecting a source. I’m sure there are some non-tech-saavy people who have been saved by this, i.e. their TV not becoming ‘broken’ (because they’re now on HDMI2 instead of TV tuner). So I understand, but they really ought to make a setting somewhere to disable such things.

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