Updates to Lessons, Reviews, and Extra Study

Is there a way to change the lesson order after the lesson page has loaded (not the quiz) or must it be done on page load?

Also, does that URL take all the lessons possible or just the ones for a single batch? That is, if my batch size is 5, will the URL always have 5 subject ids or will it have the ids for all the lessons available?

Is there a way to manipulate the batch size?

In [Userscript] WaniKani Lesson Filter I allow the user to filter lessons by type (radical, kanji, vocab), change the batch size, and shuffle the lessons. All of this is done on the lesson page (not the quiz). I’m trying to figure out what is still possible on the lesson page itself versus if I’ll have to change the script to execute prior to the lesson page by opening the lesson URL with the necessary query params up front.