Updates to Lessons, Reviews, and Extra Study

Just to add, the userbase for my Lesson Filter script largely consists of people who don’t like doing long runs of kanji lessons or long runs of vocab lessons all at once. For some, this allows them to start on a new level’s kanji while doing the previous level’s vocab in order to level up more consistently. For others (including me), this allows mixing easier items (vocab) in with harder items (kanji) to avoid being overwhelmed. Back when I first built it, this was basically the thing that stopped me from quitting and allowed me to actually finish WaniKani. Every day I would do 12 lessons, broken down into 3 kanji lessons and 9 vocab lessons.

Do you think WaniKani would ever consider making this a native feature? Basically, still allow the default option of “just do whatever’s next”, but with an advanced option of “do a set of lessons with the following number of radicals, kanji, and vocab”.