To lv 46+ers, what is your strategy for 3.5-days' levels?

@Goutye Did you manually record that data, or is there an app/script? I would love to be able to see daily item counts like that from the past two years.

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Clench really hard

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(But yeah, I had a tsunami around level 55 as well; so instead I slowed down to handle it enjoyably)

I’m actually using a previous excel sheet posted by someone a year ago. It’s a script that will collect once a day the data and fulfill the google spread sheet. If you look into the archives, you should find it! :slight_smile:

Talking about it, you can see near the end the rise of the Guru/Master numbers until I decided to stop and go back to my previous rhythm! :blush:


I found a better version! Enjoy @chrispthompson

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I’m a little confused: don’t you have to unlock the kanji first? My understanding is that you can do the radicals on Day 1 and the kanji on day 4 when the radicals are Guru’d, so it takes a minimum of 8 days to level up. Is there a faster way?

Prior to level 46, yes, you’ll need to guru your radicals to unlock the remaining kanji for the level, because you need 90% of the kanji guru’d to meet the condition to level up.

At 46 and above, majority of the levels have only a couple of radicals(0-3), which translates to less kanji to be unlocked via radicals. As a result, 90% kanji guru can be achieved without the kanji unlocked by radicals being guru’d.

Got it, thanks :+1:

…I can level up in four days? News to me.

When I was still learning Kanji I was fairly familiar with, I usually did things as fast as possible. All reviews whenever I could, and then I would have 3 days of craziness, a few days of drought, etc. It was hell, and it got me through my teens and I would say I maintained the pace into the mid-20s (even though I wasn’t familiar with many of the Kanji by then).

I’ve been doing a different pace recently, though. If my Apprentice items are below a certain threshold (50, recently), then I will do 5-10 lessons (depending on how many reviews I had that day). I’ll do 15 if my Apprentice Items hit around 30, but I can’t remember the last time I did more than 15. Then, I make sure I do my reviews, at least in one chunk in the morning and a big chunk at night. I feel like I get to take more time with each item, and there is less focus on Wanikani so I can spend time doing Other Japanese Things, which I think is increasingly more helpful at higher levels.

Once I hit level 50, I think I may start limiting my Review, cut lessons down to 5 per day, etc. I feel like I’ve reached a point where Learning More Kanji is less helpful than Reading More Japanese. Kanji are great and I 100% love them and think WaniKani has been super helpful in getting here, but at least for a while, I have more important things to learn elsewhere, and I have a lifetime membership here so I am in no rush.

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I definitely plan to take it slow, or at least normal pace. Even now I have 200+ reviews every day and am constantly struggling to keep my apprentice items below 170.

That’s exactly what you should do. However, I still consider the level 50 51 52 53 as interesting in terms of kanjis (even though half of them are still really rare).
Reading will help you way much than increasing the pace of WK.

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I will be there soon. I currently have 61 apprentice items, no pending lessons, and I’ve averaged about 6 days 21 hours for the past 2 months or so. I’m not worried about a slight increase.

2 levels to go until 46. I’m thinking I’ll spend an extra day or two on each level, and I’ll still reach 60 some time in fall. Then comes all the kanji not covered by WK…

I had completely the same experience. I did lvl 47-54 in 4+ days and then it took me 20 days a level. Currently I am on holiday mode because I can’t handle the reviews right now.

So my advice to OP, don’t feel you need to go 4 days as it will definitely increase the workload. Just do the pace you are comfy with

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So, at this point, I’m definitely no longer answering the original question… but after hitting level 46, even though I planned to level up every 5 days, my gf noticed and started complaining about my increase in kanji time, and I’m nowhere near this mid-50s slam that everyone is mentioning.

As a result, I’ve decided to go back to 7 day levels. What’s another 22ish days before hitting 60?

I have to say though, after months of doing radicals and kanjis right off the bat after leveling up, it feels very strange trying to space out my kanji lessons until i guru the radicals…

I do not understand why everyone levels up so quickly. I tried doing that until about level 25-30 or so and it became too much. I felt like I was not really learning the material but just pushing everything through.

My advice is to take your time and focus on learning the kanji and vocab, the speed it takes is irrelevant.

I use Sort by SRS, making clearing Apprentice pile a priority, rather than simply sorting by level… So, I level up a little slower. Still,

The current level might be around 7 days, because I made too many mistakes.

The difference between 3 day levels and 7 day levels, for me, over the next month, before I take the N1, is the difference between learning about 240 new kanji and about 120 new kanji.

It’s a relevant difference.

Not to mention, everyone is different. People can learn at different paces. I’m at about 8 days per level and I feel I’m doing just fine whereas someone else might need less, twice as much, or even more, time than that.

Speed definitely can be relevant depending on your goals.

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