To lv 46+ers, what is your strategy for 3.5-days' levels?

How do you manage to keep a steady pace, especially of 4 days per level?

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Learn every kanji after leveling up.
Do vocab any way you want.
Fall into despair.


I’m kinda thinking about artificially delaying my level-up when I reach 46. Meaning purposefully giving wrong kanji answers for the first 3 or 4 days so I level-up at my normal pace. I don’t know, ask me when I get there.

48 actually takes 8 days again, 1st round gives you 89% of the Kanji. I had just been through reducing my apprentice pile from 900 to under 200, so I have things kinda under control for now but I had to stop leveling up for about 2 weeks to catch up on vocab lessons until I guru’s most of them. Just leveled to 49, just 33 Kanji + 33 vocabs. maybe 50 will be harder…

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I would see just continue and see how it goes without trying to do anything extra to level faster. I did a lot of levels very quickly (see below) and then basically had a meltdown at lvl 56 where I had 500-600 reviews a day. Even getting 80% correct thats another 100 extra to do, most likely the same day.

I’d suggest doing 10 reviews when you start a new level, and only doing the next 10 once the others have been through the 4 hour checkpoint, then another 10 once the second set come through etc. Seemed to smooth things out for me :slight_smile:

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Here’s how I’ve been doing it, though I’d recommend taking your time, like a level a week unless you can handle the heat! :fire: :turtle: :fire:

Heat being 300-400 reviews, and ~35/70 lessons a day.

Day 0 (Level up): Do Radicals + Kanji
Day +1: Do 1/3 of Vocab
Day +2: Do 1/3 of Vocab
Day +3: Do 1/3 of Vocab… Level up!

I pre-studied for level 58/59 because I had the time :grin:


Basically, I always pre-study before leveling up. That’s how I level up fast.

I’ll be aware of level 48 bump (笑).

I just have a lot of vocab piled up, because I abused reorder script. (I didn’t ignore vocab studies. I just focused more on EN->JP than JP->EN; that is, I worked mainly on Anki. I don’t use KaniWani.)

Let’s see how I will survive and adapt in the future.

I’m thinking of delaying my pace too. I kind of enjoy doing around 25 lessons a day, so maybe I’ll maintain a 25 lesson a day pace - and delay doing my kanji lessons according to level up at whatever pace will maintain a 25 lesson a day pace… so if level 46 has 143 total items, I’ll plan to level up in 6 days (do all my kanjis within the first 3 days)…

We’ll see what happens when I actually get there…

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…by giving up and accepting that I can only muster 4ty days per level average instead.

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I changed to the newer re-order script… so I could choose whether to learn Kanji first, or Vocabulary first. And I don’t learn every Kanji lesson at level up anymore (although I can). I just make sure it is a beautiful number (divisible by 25 or 50).

But seriously, the newer re-order script is quite complex. Also, the older re-order script is more beautiful. So, now I keep both installed. (Actually, three - so, all three.)

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I tried, I failed. Lvl 56 was a hell. It’s actually a tsunami that you are, level after level, building. And it hits you around level 54/55. You can handle it a bit, when suddenly you realize your apprentice number is over 250, your guru number over 1000, and the master one starting to be over 1000 has well.
If you have nothing to do the whole day, you can handle it. If you are working and can only spend 2h a night on wanikani, don’t be too stupid and take it as always.
You can still go a bit faster.

For instance, instead of 4 days level, I am around 5.5 days a level. This allows me know to handle better the pack of reviews!

As you can see, my Apprentice number went over 250, my Guru number over 800, and the Master one, > 1000. When it’s yellow, it means that I can’t handle that number of reviews. My first 45 levels have no yellow moment.

Good luck and have fun :slight_smile:

EDIT: The tsunami is actually hitting you after one month. So you can’t really see it at the beginning!


@Goutye Did you manually record that data, or is there an app/script? I would love to be able to see daily item counts like that from the past two years.

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Clench really hard

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(But yeah, I had a tsunami around level 55 as well; so instead I slowed down to handle it enjoyably)

I’m actually using a previous excel sheet posted by someone a year ago. It’s a script that will collect once a day the data and fulfill the google spread sheet. If you look into the archives, you should find it! :slight_smile:

Talking about it, you can see near the end the rise of the Guru/Master numbers until I decided to stop and go back to my previous rhythm! :blush:


I found a better version! Enjoy @chrispthompson

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I’m a little confused: don’t you have to unlock the kanji first? My understanding is that you can do the radicals on Day 1 and the kanji on day 4 when the radicals are Guru’d, so it takes a minimum of 8 days to level up. Is there a faster way?

Prior to level 46, yes, you’ll need to guru your radicals to unlock the remaining kanji for the level, because you need 90% of the kanji guru’d to meet the condition to level up.

At 46 and above, majority of the levels have only a couple of radicals(0-3), which translates to less kanji to be unlocked via radicals. As a result, 90% kanji guru can be achieved without the kanji unlocked by radicals being guru’d.

Got it, thanks :+1: