Tips for surviving the Death levels?

Another useful tool for this is this script: [Userscript] ConfusionGuesser which tries to guess why you got something wrong. It’s not always right, but if you put in a reading that’s actually for a similar-looking kanji, it’ll usually be able to tell you that. (Very handy for those moments where you know you gave the answer because it was for something else similar but you can’t remember what!) Doesn’t obviate the benefit of drawing similar kanji out on paper, but it can definitely point out kanji you didn’t realize were similar/you were confusing (as well as other types of confusions)!

One of my biggest trip-ups with the death levels has been all the 訓読み (especially all these verbs…). Either there’s been more of them or there’s been more of them I didn’t already know, and most of them trip me up! So many long-form stories, and most of them for a unique string of syllables (unlike readings that can tie into now-familiar objects like tater tots and ray guns), and almost none of them tied directly to the story tying the radicals to the meaning. Anyone got tips for that part?