Time spent on level

I’ve also written a similar guide about this.

I would personally start a little bit earlier in the day, because you have to in order to get 7 day level ups.

On Saturday at 7am, I start the level:
Saturday 7am… Learn all new Radicals/Kanji
Saturday 11am… Review 1
Saturday 7pm… Review 2
Sunday 7pm… Review 3
Tuesday 7pm… Guru

At this time the last kanji is release and I learn them immediately.
Tuesday 7pm… Learn Kanji
Tuesday 11pm… Review 1
Wednesday 7am… Review 2
Thursday 7am… Review 3
Saturday 7am… Guru

And Level up, and Repeat. I alway do lessons at 7 am, and I always split vocab up equally among the mornings between vocab releases on Saturday and Tuesday, so every day I only have about 150 reviews.


ahh ok This seems doable, except for the 7ams haha I’ll probably drag them to 8.30am haha! Thank you so much for the guide and tips!

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So Wicchi, let’s say I start my new level at sunday; I’ll just do ALL my lessons which are available then, then I do all reviews available at 11am, then all reviews available at 7pm , right? Or do I have to do 20 lessons EVERY morning, no right?

Do you recommend your way? So divide lessons? And I’ve read your posts on some filter thing, I’m not sure what that is or how it should be used but I guess I’ll have to try it?

I prefer not to do all my lessons at one time.
On level up about 100 items are released. about 5 radicals, and 25 kanji, and 70 vocab. It’s easy enough to do all 30 radicals/kanji on Saturday for example. 8:30. Then I personally save the 70 vocab for Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday mornings.

Then when I guru the radicals/kanji on Tuesday (Or Wednesday in your case) I have another 100 or more vocab to deal with. I normally divide the under by four.
Tuesday night I’ll due 1/4, in this case 25(making sure to complete the newly release kanjis.) I split the rest over Wed, Thurs, and Friday mornings. So I have zero left when more items are Released upon level up.

This method getting to 0 lessons before the next batch is release gives me around 20-25 lessons a day. THIS IS more than enough to stretch your brain to near breaking in my mind. But because of this I also have a steady number of reviews, about 150 a day. I never have days that are more or less than this. I never have days with 0 reviews, but I have never ever had a day with more than 200, except I think once.


I highly recommend my way. It let’s you get 7 day level ups, but also no day has more reviews then any other. I promise when you have enlightened/master/and Guru 2 reviews come back around, and leeches, 150 is the max I like to do per day.

I also highly recommend you look around for APIs that you like

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@wicchi pretty much nailed it. The main reason to spread them out is that they accumulate.

:point_up_2: This quote from that thread sums it up.


Listen to this guy lol @LeonVerr I got to 60 in over 2 years very inefficiently


I follow pretty much the same schedule :partying_face: I level up on Wednesdays though, so I get the bulk of vocab during the weekend, when I can spend more time learning it.

Works really well!


Thanks a lot, I’ve spent 4 hours going through all scripts and guides etc., so now I have an idea of what to do; my reviews and lessons are still all over the place, but I guess I’ll start doing 20 lessons a day when I start the new level; which is in like 2 days and if you want to answer any questions I have then, I’d be really grateful!

I hope to see you around the forums some more, you helpful saint!

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flashback to WaniKani Wednesday…


I’m sorry to bother you once more, but I unlocked lv 5 right now; it’s 15.45 right now, so I guess I’ll postpone the new lessons untill I’ve guru’d everything from level 4 and then start with the new “schedule”? First doing the lessons, I’ll use the filter to do all the kanji/radicals first and then go on with a nice schedule for the vocab using your guidance :stuck_out_tongue: I WILL have to do Wanikani reviews and lessons 3x EVERY day right? Let’s assume I’ve guru’d all my lesson 4 vocab at Tuesday night, then, Wednesday I’ll start lv 5 and do ALL available kanji and radicals, then again at 12.30pm, then again at 8.30 pm, then the next morning; I will do 20 vocab lessons at 8.30 am, these 20 again at 12.30pm and then the 20 vocab PLUS the rad/kanji at 20.30; then next day another 20, 20, 20(from “yesterday”) and the next day I’ll get the same but then i’ll guru the rads and kanji, and from there on I’ll have a good schedule i think O.o

Sorry I tend to overthink things sometimes T_T

oww, that looks consistent haha!

Oh, also consider using:

Under the items tab you can easily check total number of items per level, and then divide it by the number of day you want the level to take. For instance level 4 has 184 items so 20 items a day will get you a 9.2 day level. etc. You’ll figure out the best way to split the vocab. You should experiment with different systems.

handy stuff, dang!

So If you do lessons at 8:30, the lessons will be available at 12:00. If you complete them at 8:59, they’ll be ready at 12:00.

Oh that’s also nice to know for the days I level up right? Cuz then I have to do guru reviews and lessons

The only thing I would say… is… it’s not efficient to have to complete all the past level vocab before starting the next level.

A script like this:

Will tell you everything that is currently unlocked. And then you can easily balance starting the new level, and completing the vocab from the last.

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I did the same as @amagi until level 21.
I found the kanji increasing in difficulty at this stage and tweaked it slightly:

On level up day, in the morning, I do all new radical and about one third of the new kanji. Depending on the number of kanji lesson, I do some vocabulary or not at all. If the new kanji feels difficult, I do slightly less kanji and more vocabulary.
The average lessons done are about 25.

Second day, I do the second third of kanji + vocab.
Same on third day. If there was not too many kanji on the level, I only have vocab left.
On fourth day morning, I usually only have a few (less than 10) vocab left to do. During the afternoon I level up the radical and first batch of kanji to guru, that will open new kanji that I do, all at once. As in the morning there was not too many lessons it is ok, but generally the average for this day is a bit more than usual (around 30 lessons).

Delaying the kanji that way will unlock new vocab each afternoon. The goal is to lesson everything the next morning, so I have no lessons left the evening preceding the next level up.
The downside is that I can not cut the vocab in equal parts, but it is roughly equally divided so far:


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For what it’s worth, I’d strongly suggest trying to get into the habit of doing reviews daily rather than every other day if at all possible. My learning pace seems most efficient if I drive my number of reviews to zero at some point during the day every single day. I inevitably miss a day here and there when life intrudes, but WK (and any SRS) demands a regular cadence of reviews and implicitly expects them daily.

Think of lessons as the control knob for how many reviews you’ll have weeks or months from now. If you do 80 lessons in one day, you’re guaranteeing you’ll have 80 additional reviews added to your queue on multiple days in the future — it’s usually better to spread them out.

It’s okay to be more aggressive in the early levels, but beware that your review queue can grow extremely onerous in a few months based on the decisions you make today. Personally, I’d find it tiring and demotivating if I had more than 150 to 200 items or so to review on any given day.

Personally, I’m more interested in learning things well than I am in getting through the levels quickly. I can’t help but notice people getting to level 60 then immediately restarting to better learn things they’d already covered. Nothing wrong with that, but I’d rather take my time up front.

To each their own, of course, but what’s worked for me so far is daily reviews (getting down to zero reviews at some point during the day) and doing just enough lessons each day to keep around 100 items at the apprentice level.

My pace has slowed down a bit recently (around a two-week/level average now) but I rarely have more than 150 items or so to review thus far.

If (when) I start having more than a couple hundred items to review per day, I’ll stop doing lessons for a while and focus on burning more items. About 150 reviews/day is my efficiency threshold for staying motivated and not getting bogged down (in practice, it varies quite a bit: some days 80, others 240). Others may have a different threshold.

One final nuance: I distinguish between “purple” lessons (vocabulary) and “pink” lessons (kanji). I’m a lot more aggressive doing “purple” lessons where I’m learning vocabulary to hammer home the kanji I’ve already “guru’d”. But I almost never do more than five pink kanji on any given day (the only exceptions are characters I already know). To avoid paying for it later, I rarely do more than 15 purple vocabulary lessons on any given day, either.

After following this regimen for a little less than a year, I’m already comfortably reading much, even most, of the Japanese material I come across daily (admittedly, I didn’t start WK as an absolute beginner). It’s mostly just email for work and social media correspondence with family, but to get to this point in just a year was almost magically “efficient” to me.

Sorry for such a long reply, but to distill it down to one point: Is your “efficiency” goal seven-day level-ups or learning to read (and even write) Japanese as quickly as your brain and motivational energy levels can handle?


Seconded. I’l planing to slow down majorly as I get closer to 20. I can see the leeches coming and I was to hammer them down before I burn myself out.

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