Thoughts on these resources? Moving beyond just kanji

Learning grammar is very different from learning kanji or vocab, so don’t worry if you’re struggeling with it a bit more :slight_smile:
I quite like the Marugoto courses, I’d recommend doing the Katsudoo & Rikai ones JF Japanese e-Learning Minato |The Japan Foundation They’re free! The grammar explanations are a bit… brief, so I highly recommend reading up on explanations elsewhere. (I used Wasabi, Dictionary of Basic Japanese Grammar and Minna no Nihongo grammar book, heard a lot of other people speak highly of Tae Kim as well, there’s also lots of YouTube videos, etc.) You can look up a grammar point on Bunpro and check what resources there are available for it.
You can also use the Bunpro SRS to quiz yourself, but imo that’s wayyy not enough practice.
Minna No Nihongo Hyoujun Mondaishuu is specifically aimed at self-learners I think, if you’d like a traditional practice book. All the answers are included, so you can check yourself.
Also check The Ultimate Additional Japanese Resources List! There’s a bunch of more specific resources for example conjugation practice etc.
If you can afford it I’d always recommend to get a human teacher as well, be than one-on-one lessons (italki, asao etc) or a group class :slight_smile:

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