Thoughts on assigning yourself homework, quizzes, tests, etc

In general, homework is something that people famously don’t want to do, so framing it that way sounds like a quick way to discourage yourself from doing it. :laughing:

But, even more than that, for language, the thing that will ultimately end up reinforcing material you learn (whether you first learn it on an app, in flashcards, or wherever), is just seeing it somewhere in the wild and going “oh! i remember learning about this yeah!”, and doing that repeatedly over time in more contexts.

Rather than give yourself homework to review old lessons, you’d probably both more enjoyment and more benefit from doing reading. By A2 level you should definitely be able to tackle some graded readers, tadoku has a bunch of excellent free voiced ones, or maybe even enough to try joining a book club like the ABBC Absolute Beginners Book Club // Now Reading: Miss Shikimori is not just cute! // Next: Granny Girl Hinata chan!!

They are just about start a new book (manga), reading a few pages as a group per week, and it’s a great way to break into reading with some guidance from more experienced readers!