This is what NOT to do

For those who are new…

Don’t skip your lessons…

Just, don’t, do, it.


Ouch! This is because level 50 and 51 merged like some kind of super boss.

This is Raid type HP right here boys and girls. Watch out.



Ouch, how long does it take to finish 692 reviews in one day? :fearful:

Most of mine is 595, and it feels like I’m doing full time job only for wanikani LOL


Inevitably people will need to skip reviews because life is frustrating, so I’ll add some advice I’m practicing myself: if you need/want to skip reviews do NOT do any more lessons!!

I admire your dedication nihonscope I really do, I grimace when I see the odd 250-300 reviews in a day which is hard enough especially at level 35, no way am I going to let it get to 600+ a day :sweat_smile:


I got lazy over Christmas and New Years and hadn’t done any reviews until yesterday so almost a month and had 749 reviews. I’m off work with a broken toe atm so thought till it was a perfect time to catch up. Over yesterday and today I spent maybe 10 or so hours doing them. Wanted to pull my hair out !


I think if they ever pile up for me (which they probably will, but I’m very much at the start right now), I will stop doing lessons until all reviews are done and will make a timebox. So I will probably take 30 minutes in the morning, in the middle of the day and the evening and do as much as I can, but then stop and continue the next day. Progress will be slow until I cought up, but this way you are chipping away and do not have the feeling like you need to spend a full day to catch them up all at once. Unless you want to. :smiley:


Oh boy, 10 hours doing reviews. :open_mouth:
You have my respect.
bend the knee

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I had to take a week off a few weeks ago and ended up with just over 700 reviews due. My advice is to not try to do them all in one day. That’s not really a requirement. Shoot for at least 100 a day, and maybe 200 or 300 if you can, but it’s nuts to try to force yourself to get all your reviews done, no matter how many, in a single day.


I think forcing oneself to do more than you really want to is a quick way to get frustrated with learning. And once you are in the “I have to remember!” and frustration mindset, you will connect all those mnemonics and words with a bad mindset, so they are no pleasant memory. :smiley:
So… better take it slow and have fun. :slight_smile:

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Where do you find these breakdowns? ’

In my case, Wanikani reviews are procrastination from spending time reading a textbook or learning grammar so right now at least, I don’t mind doing as many reviews as I have to. Being on uni break helps though I guess since my main focus right now is learning Japanese for exchange next year.

I also tried Anki before using Wanikani and I found that way more menial to get through. Although part of that was due to setting my maximum number of new cards to 200 on my first couple of days so I burned out immediately pretty much.

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It is the Heatmap script


Yes it was hard but I kept seeing that the next morning I would have an extra 100 to do after doing some so knew I needed to get it done.

It was a very hard going process but glad I got it done. My last few hours the accuracy was so low it probably wasn’t worth it but I’m caught up now !

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You know when I was reading this, in my head I saw the little bald girl from the Matrix saying…

“Don’t try to do all your reviews at once… that’s impossible… instead only realize the truth… If you did do them all you’ve gone insane, and the Crabbagator has your soul. :/”

As stated here: The Truth of WaniKani Levels

I suppose like a few people on that thread above have mentioned… it’s sort of a, the finish line is in sight kind of thing… just cram through it I guess? I’m so OCD on top of all this, so it doesn’t … or maybe it does help? I 'm not sure honestly.

Best of luck getting those turtles to jump into your fire pit!


Well… those are going to be your normal soon enough you keep going down this path of Japanese insanity…

The Truth of WaniKani Levels – you can learn more about your coming psychosis here. ^


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Haha I’m looking forward to it /s :stuck_out_tongue:

In saying that, I have a custom dashboard I made and use which has an option to prevent lessons being done until the apprentice total is under the specified number and only do 10 items in a lesson session, so I’m prepping myself to not be too overwhelmed but also for the longer haul of finishing the second half of WaniKani haha :stuck_out_tongue:

That being said, thanks heaps for that link! It’s very insightful into the different level sets haha :slight_smile:

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It took around 3hrs 45mins.

And yeah… I hear you, I feel the same way!