Thinking of Returning

Two years ago, I was religiously doing my reviews and was a regular visitor of the forums but due to some roller coaster stuff, I lost my will to pursue learning the language.

I got N2 in 2 years from scratch then I took N1 and failed. I lost the will to pursue it since N2 was enough for my work here in Japan. There’s also a lot that happened so I unsubscribed to WK (currently at level 35, iirc).

Fast forward, I’m thinking of moving to a different work but as I look at their requirements, most of them needs N1 because of the technicality of the work. I felt the need to reorganize everything and learn the language again then hopefully pass N1 by December.

The problem is… where should I start? Should I begin again from scratch? Should I continue where I left off?

Btw, I miss the forum.

EDIT: Ohhh, it’s 37.


Have a go where you left off.
If I was in your situation, restarting from scratch would kill my motivation in a short time. The time commitment to finish WK is real, it’s not a matter of weeks.
Seeing that level 37 is at bare minimum ~253 days… plus you already have knowledge, the firsts levels might be boringly easy and you would only be limited by the time constrains of WK’s SRS…

That’s a boredom trap, imho.

You could also reset partially to a lower level, skim through the kanji on wk and find one level where you can feel comfortable and reset to it, if level 37 doesn’t work for you.


I’ll just recycle my answer from a different thread, just as a suggestion:


i don’t think i’d restart. you’ve been in japan and probably getting constant exposure, so i’d assume that at least the kanji you already learned ought to be fairly well established in your brain.

some people say they’ve had to reset a few levels, because items they’d only had a limited number of reviews on hadn’t stuck in their memory yet. but (assuming you’ve had constant exposure due to being in japan) even that might not be necessary


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