Things feel more difficult recently

I personlly don’t have such issues. Maybe your pace is too fast? If you feel like you’re going too fast or can’t remember the stuff from previous levels, I think you should talk the time to spend some more time on one level before moving on to the next, making sure you know everything you learned before. After all, Kanji is a marathon, not a sprint (absolutely didn’t copy this quote :wink:).

@MikeyDC65 already mentioned it, but KaniWani is a great way to both practice the Kanji (and vocab) even more and being able to produce Japanese from English more easily. One thing I’d like to add is that the Self-Study Quiz is also a very helpful and handy tool to practice Guru+ (and Apprentice times, too, of couse :wink:) items at any time, if you’re OK with using userscripts.

I wish you good luck for your future studies :smiley: :heart:

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