Things are starting to get mixed up in my head

Is it possible your brain just needs a bit of a break? I know if go too many weeks learning new information, my brain starts to turn to mush, and then I just need to relax (and in this case, yes just focus on reviews for a few days), and let my unconscious mind sort itself out before making room for more knowledge

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It’s funny you said this about the first 10 levels. I felt the same but as soon as I got to 12 and now at 19, they are about even. I even feel sometimes that vocab is somewhat easier. Maybe because you already have some kanji that you know?

In any case, I used to be a strict adherent to the 100 apprentice rule. Anything more and I just keep getting answers wrong and hurting accuracy. However, for the past month I have been adding more to the pile. I am going at close to 150 and I seem to be handling it okay. So I am going to try and maintain around that level of apprentice and see if I can sustain it. I have read some threads on here that some users can hit their ceiling and knock it over, which means you are getting better at WK. I think I can safely say I might be hitting that and slightly pushing against it. I am sure you will feel something like this too if you stick with it.

I agree with this thinking and hope you keep doing this. There will be days when some of the material just seems to stick better than the rest. I think you should take advantage of this as long as you can handle it well.

All the best! You are already at level 10, 50 more to go. That is already a fifth of the way there! Go, go, go!


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Thanks for the words of encouragement! I hope I have the same feeling as you did with vocab after level 11. I’m nearing the end of level 10 now so will be there soon enough. Though I still haven’t started on level 10 vocab… I decided to hold off a little this time. May break into it today though since I don’t have many reviews going on. :slight_smile:

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