Things are starting to get mixed up in my head

For me personally, I found KaniWani to be a huge timesuck with little return on my investment. Granted, if you’re using it for practicing writing kanji maybe it’s worthwhile, but I think it’s worth asking if you’re tackling so much that you’re overloading yourself a little.

Are you including grammar in that regime? It seems that you’re focusing a lot on kanji - but maybe Japanese from Zero has grammar? (I’ve never checked those out). Being level 10, I wouldn’t worry too much just yet about getting things mixed up, but I’m glad to see your approach would be to ease off on lessons while keeping doing reviews - that last part is very important. May I ask what your average accuracy during review sessions is? If it’s still relatively high I’d press on, but if it’s on the low side, maybe taking a break from lessons could be a good idea - it all depends on what pace you think you’re able for. Whenever I’m feeling overwhelmed workload-wise, I definitely stop with lessons and just keep doing reviews to drive down my daily review pile and apprentice count.

Do you use scripts? There’s an extremely good script called ConfusionGuesser that you can install that can help you identify what kanji, vocab or radicals you’re getting confused with when you get an item wrong. Using it you can start to really understand what you’re getting confused (commonly just a one radical difference between kanji.) Excellent for quashing leeches.