The Ultimate Additional Japanese Resources List!

What I meant was that it might not belong on the list since it doesn’t provide any more information about what the show is. Since the website is dead it might be wiser to just remove it from the list? Anyway, if you feel like it belongs here’s the torrent link


I feel weird now giving an Internet Archive link, but their Wayback Machine is different from their area where anyone can upload anything regardless of copyright laws, so…

I’m not familiar with the Hiikibiiki site, so I don’t know how much content is accessible from this link.


these sheets to training writing are really useful? or can I just use some random checkered notebook?

If you’re talking about the sheets I think you’re talking about, they’re useful because the have stroke order. You can use any random checkered notebook though.

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Just popping in to say thanks for everyone who contributed to this list! I’ll be digging through a couple of these to really hack away at grammar. Anyone have personal experience with speaking partners? I only know one person IRL learning and her experience was that her partner basically bulldozed her into making it all English. Not sure if that was typical. She did eventually find a better fit.

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There’s quite a few threads on the forums of people talking about their experience with iTalki and similar programs, see: Has Anyone Use italki? and iTalki general speaking practice thread.


Thank you!

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Does anyone use Kanshudo for grammar? I’m trying to get into it, but having trouble figuring out which features I should use to study. Any advice?

I am using Kanshudo for sentence mining as I am learning grammar. Each grammar point usually has sentences with that grammar. There will often be a “More examples” link that will give you even more sentences. I go through the sentences list and if I see ones where I can understand most of the vocab in the sentence, I will “favorite” it and the sentence will go into my Favorites flashcard deck. Then I let the SRS do its magic on the flashcards. It seems to work pretty well for me so far.

You can also make grammar flashcards with just the rules on them, but that doesn’t seem to be very useful for me.

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Good to know about the information you have shared with us. I think your tips and strategies could help the writers to do their works properly.

I am also learning the japanese language from online Japanese classes in Pune.

I started using and used my token from WK but apparently nothing changed

what actually this integration is supposed to do? I marked N4 for my level but the news even when I select beginner, a lot of articles with complex kanji are appearing.

Anything else I should do?

is kanshudo better than bunpro?

I just created an account on kanshudo and found it very confusing after basics steps done.

No, it’s not better, just different. It was originally built as a Kanji learning site, but they have expanded it to vocab and grammar too. I mainly just use it to find +1 sentences and vocab that Wanikani doesn’t teach.

But yeah, Kanshudo has so much stuff there that it’s a little bit difficult to figure out the best way to use the site.

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All the integration does is tell you the WaniKani level of words you look up in the Vocabulary tab.

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Maybe some of these YouTube resources should be added to the Ultimate Resource List as well? ^^

It’s rather extensive! :eyes:


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