The Ultimate Additional Japanese Resources List!

By the way, I didn’t see any Japanese word game (you know, crosswords and the like) in the list.
There are some pretty cool (and simple) games available for free on the Internet.

One of my favorite type of game is 分割パズル: you take all kanjis from a word, and put them on top of each other. For instance:
Note that the kanjis aren’t put in the same order as the way they appear in the word, for extra challenge.

The words in the easy category are pretty good practice already, I think.
Also, this particular website has a ton of other word games as well. Pretty good to kill time waiting for reviews.

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There’s an app version of Tae Kim’s Guide to Learning Japanese.

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I have just found this in Tangorin – This link is worth another resource list.

Also, I am currently trying out for Chinese. There is also one for Japanese. It is based on vocal flashcards, and I like it. It is partly free.

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I have just paid to Glossika, yearly too, but I regretted it a little… yearly, too expensive.

You can use Audio sentences, also by JLPT, 1000 sentences per 10 levels; compiled from WaniKani and Core 10k context sentences and just used Anki with AwesomeTTS. Or, just automate with a script…

I will consider doing that, if I got a better hang of Android programming…

This list is great, thank you!

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Hi! I read the list but I don’t seem to be able to find this website

It has a collection of tests, vocabulary for jlpt n5 to n3
And it’s pretty useful their youtube channel too since they have videos that make you recall kanji/vocab/grammar for those jlpt levels
And it updates quite frequently so it’s nice (:

Hi~ This is a good compilation. I’m new here and I would like to ask what you guys can recommend for me to use while waiting for the review to be available? Thaaanks!

Are you a totally new learner of Japanese?

A bit. I have been studying consistently for only a month. I have memorized hiragana and katakana. I know basic sentence structures using basic particles like は、と、か. Asking questions with どこ、and なに・なん. I also know これ、それ、あれ、ここ、そこ、あそこ。Thanks!!

Well, as you can see, there are a lot of possibilities!

I think my main suggestion would be to try out lots of things (particularly if they’re free) and just stick with what works well for you. I’m not sure what you’ve been studying from so far, but…

Lots of people like using the Genki textbooks, but they are designed for classes rather than self-study so I definitely know a number of people on these forums don’t get on too well with them.

Tae Kim’s Guide is a free grammar resource which is structured pretty nicely. I think the main complaint against it is that it is a bit ‘shallow’ - but you can supplement your grammar knowledge by going through other resources at a later date.

BunPro was created by some WK users, and seems to be very popular (I haven’t tried it myself). It uses an SRS like WK, and points you in the direction of grammar explanations. Be aware that it is still in development though.

But really, you should just try to find a textbook (physical/online) that works for you. There have been a variety of threads in these forums where people have discussed the differences and preferences for the different textbooks available, so I would just have a search through the forums :slight_smile:

I hope you find something that works for you! Welcome to WaniKani :sparkles::crabigator::tada:


Thank you so much! Been listening and watching from JapanesePod101. I actually have Genki and Minna no Nihongo from my friend who also studied the language. My problem with Minna, even though I can read what’s written, I cannot understand it. I think I only know little nouns, verbs, and adjectives. Will try the tools and resources you mentioned. Thanks once again!

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I would definitely try out Tae Kim’s Guide and BunPro, then :slight_smile:

Best of luck!


Any chance we could add the “Learn Japanese to Survive” Steam games to the “Kana” section? They have one for hiragana and one for katakana

Just an update on this. I couldn’t find this app in the app store on my iPad so I contacted the Publisher. The app is being updated and it offline for a period of time. It is unknown when the app will be back, but it will be back.

For Japanese learning games, I would like to recommend:
Learn Japanese to survive - Hiragana battle and
Learn Japanese to survive - Katakana battle. Both available on Steam. Kanji battle is also coming, but still being developed.

the physical textbooks are still available on amazon / other retailers ^^

You’re correct, but the shipping costs are so high for me that it’d be cheaper to get the e-books. So I’ll just wait until the app is available again :slight_smile:

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I’m screaming, how am I just now finding out about WaniConjugation :star_struck: cue tears of joy

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At the school where I learn Japanese (in The Netherlands), we recently started using ‘Marugoto’. This textbook is made by the Japan Foundation (that also does the JLPT tests). Might be worthwhile to add these books to the list. They are about the same prices or a little cheaper than Genki and Minna no Nihongo, but definitely worth it. I’m really enjoying the structure of the books.
It does have to be said that these books do have little explanation on new grammar. The new situations is briefly explained in a blue text box and then you immediately start excercises. It would be handy to either have a teacher that can explain a little more or find your own additional material.

So, I just found this:

“The DoJG deck allows you to review the contents of the Dictionary of Japanese Grammar through Anki.”

Click on the link to see how it is built. Pretty cool, if I may say. Have yet to try it though (since I discovered it minutes ago).