(The increasingly less) Daily senryu thread

Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Apologies for the delay today. I ended up having to run up to spend the day in San Francisco

Previous senryu

  1. クラクション「どけ」「ありがとう」の区別あり
    “Move!” and “Thanks!” / sound distinct on / a car’s horn


  • To the question raised earlier, the あり wording would normally mean there already is a distinction, rather than querying if one exists.

  • I think the humor is that in reality, the sounds are absolutely identical, but the emotion invoked is markedly different depending on context! When someone acknowledges a kindness with a honk (letting them in or whatever) it sounds cheerful and friendly. If someone wants you out of the passing lane or whatever, it sounds like an angry “Get the hell out of the way!”.

Current senryu challenge

Volume: Ladies

  1. 二番目に好きな男といる気楽

Ahem. No hints today. Pretty sure I know what it means, but I’ll be curious to see how folks word it in English (especially without getting into trouble with political correctness, even with the genders going in this direction!).

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