The feeling when

… you see your first onyomi combination (人口 ) and you immediately read it as じんこう. :star_struck: :fire: It might sound stupid but I’m actually so happy! As you can see from my profile, I just started out and this moment right now just proofed that i really learned something and I’m うれしい over 9000.


Get ready for a thousand more of those. :stuck_out_tongue:


my body is ready lol


I still get a kick out of it when I correctly guess the reading of a word even now. :+1:

Go watch that scene with Vegeta again once you learn Japanese numbers and you’ll be in for a small surprise. :wink:


  1. For me though, it’s the only anime I prefer in English. Those voices were just too ingrained while growing up. ↩︎


Mexican Spanish is where it’s at.


My Spanish is super rusty. The last movie I watched in Spanish was Nueve Reinas


You’ll also have fun when you learn the kanji to a word you already know, such as encountering 嬉しい on level 40 in your case.

I don’t know if you’ve done the vocab yet but It’s also level 1 人工(じんこう)

What excited me was that 人工(じんこう) and 人口(じんこう) are both pronounced the same but mean totally different things.

Well at first it was exciting, but now I have so many things that could be like "きょう” or “こう” :woozy_face: it’s my go-to answer when I’m unsure of what something is.

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Those are a little annoying sometimes, especially if I’m pronouncing them in my head and it’s the other one, for higher level items…

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