Talking to someone - Sydney Australia

Hi again. Is there a Wk user living in Sydney who would be interested in coffee and practicing Japanese in live time - I am finding the lack of talking companions or regular discussion a inhibiting consequence of not living in Japan.

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In before someone volunteers me: I’m in Sydney, though I’m not sure I’d be an excellent choice, because I can’t stand coffee. Uh… and also, my listening ability sucks. As does my ability to hold a conversation even in English. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi Belthazar - sorry for delayed response - whereabouts in Sydney are you - I am based near Bondi junction

Yeah, I’m reasonably near to there.


If you want to send me an email my private email is - we can discuss best way to meet up if that suits

I admit to some confusion as to what part of my résumé made me sound like an attractive option, but I’ve sent an e-mail all the same. :stuck_out_tongue:


Being the only applicant can sometimes land you incredible jobs.


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