Sum up your recent WaniKani Review sessions with a short clip/gif


Getting back into the swing of things and burning through my massive queue at a steady clip.



When you’ve actually been good at keeping up with your reviews and you’re generally getting them all right


Those reviews when you just can’t find the gear for Kanji, but do it anyway to keep your review stack check.


Still chugging away, just a few hundred to go.




Congratz :heart:


Image result for one piece gifs




When the kanji become sentient


Both of my queues are now at 0


Oh no the radicals are real…!


When I lie down to rest after hundreds of reviews


After three days without doing reviews.


I failed to give my response in the form of a GIF, but…


About 160 reviews done!!


probably been said before


I failed to give my response in the form of a GIF, but this pic is the truth.
It was ugly.
Rick Scott’s Florida red tide killed all the wani and kani.


Are there any saltwater crocodiles in Florida?


There are a couple thousand crocs in FL, mostly down in the keys, southern everglades and florida bay.