Sum up your recent WaniKani Review sessions with a short clip/gif


When my 400+ reviews knock on my door


Seriously this! I was listening watching a children’s show the other day and they said something while I wasn’t looking and I started laughing. Then I realized I had heard it in Japanese then my brain translated it and I understood it.


Tired before bed and rushing through reviews.


Racking up 10 burns during the morning review.


When the crabigator is moving too fast for you


Clearing a 300+ queue and getting my 3,000th burn.




lot more worst percents not showing up here


I’ve been using the reorder script for a while now and have been pretty neglectful with vocab lessons. I tried learning a whole bunch at once and just completed the first review session for them.





“Okay! Loads of Apprentice IV in this 90-somethng review pile! Make sure to Guru them all to make room for new lessons without too much review bloat!”

does poorly and ends with more Apprentice than when I started



When you finally get through a fuckton of reviews after a solid week of tackling a huge build-up… only to realise there are still 300 lessons to go through:

I’m not fine help


When the kanji makes me horny




When my new year’s resolution is to learn kanji and get sixpack abs


you might want to cover up first


Disclaimer: Currently level 5.


When I use reorder script to avoid doing the 200+ vocab lessons in my pile


Had like 140 reviews waiting this morning. 100+ is exhausting.



Yang and Yin