Subtle differences in pronouncing じ / ぢ

There’s also a difference between English “spit” and “pit” that Thai speakers can hear because aspirated and non-aspirated “p” is a thing that matters in their language, but I would never be able to hear a difference.

If you hear a difference, that’s cool for you I guess, but merely having two IPA symbols doesn’t mean everyone will.


Wow, didn’t know about that.
I’m just trying to get my pronounciation as close to mother-tongue as possible, but I can totally see why it wouldn’t matter to most people.

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In my experience, whether there’s a difference or not depends on the speaker. That suggests to me that any differences that are heard between ぢ and じ just don’t matter in the language as it is. (As Leebo suggests with his post on “spit” and “pit” aspiration differences.)