Subscription Interruption

Hello! This has probably been asked before, so I apologise.

I’m a student, I probably can’t afford to keep my subscription steady so might have to not have one for a few months of the year. I understand that if I stop paying it all goes back to level 3:
“At the end of your subscription you will only have access to the free levels (up to level 3).”
Does this include reviews? Obviously I won’t have access to new lessons, but am I also going to lose all reviews that are past level 3? Because obviously that will be massively detrimental to my learning, so I’m just wondering what my best plan of action is (get a job).

I hope that actually makes sense,
thanks in advance!

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Yes, all the reviews are stopped as well, until level 3. They probably come up all together when you start paying again, though.

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You won’t be able to do reviews while unsubscribed, but you won’t lose the reviews i.e. your progress won’t be erased, just locked.

There is usually an end-of-year sale - perhaps you could ask the rellies to band together and help you pay for an annual sub? :innocent: :gift::red_gift_envelope:


That’s not a bad idea! I will add it to my Christmas List :grin::grin:
What percentage off is the sale normally?

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There’s usually just one sale… $300 > $200 for lifetime. There aren’t annual or monthly sub sales.


Sorry, I can’t remember (I bought lifetime nearly 2 years ago), but the larger the purchase, the better the savings (i.e. lifetime has the best deal, nearly a third off if I recall).

I thought there was a deduction on yearly, too…

They lowered the annual and monthly prices like 2 years ago, but not as a sale, just cut both by a bit. That’s the only time I remember hearing about a change to those.


That would be about the time I arrived - I must have conflated things.

Also important, the remainder of the month/year you have left after buying lifetime will be deducted from the lifetime price. So if you’re sure you’re buying lifetime soon, get to the annual subscription. You’ll be paying less per month in the long run.


The sale is usually just for the lifetime subscription. There have been coupons for the other subscription types in the past, but I think those have been more related to specific stuff rather than being a normal sale. (I guess you could potentially email them and ask about any potential sales or coupons since they probably know better than we do, though as far as I remember they’ve mostly just done lifetime sales in the past, so I wouldn’t expect too much)

The small print here indicts what everyone else has written - it is only lifetime that goes on sale.

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I feel like it would be super cheeky to ask about coupons but I might give it a go :sweat_smile: Who do you mean by ‘them’? Is there someone specific who would be best to ask?

Thank you for the help @Rowena, @Leebo, @Pep95!


Them is the Wanikani / Tofugu team - Kouichi, etc. So, sending an email to hello@wanikani to ask.


Yep, email them :slight_smile:


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