Stuck Situation

I there anyway I can either:

reset certain vocabulary so it is as if I have never done a lesson on it.


stop said vocabulary from showing in my reviews until I’m ready.

I made the stupid mistake of going through all 30 lessons of vocabulary and now I can’t get anything to stick when trying to do my review for them because there is just so much to try and remember I forget by the time it comes to answer.

I reset myself to level 2 thinking it would reset everything I did in that regard but the vocabulary is all still there. I don’t want to have to reset to level 1 just because of the vocabulary because I know and have got down the level 1 radicals and kanji.


You can’t reset items unless you’ve burned them, so if you really need to, you would reset.

However, I would say you shouldn’t reset. Doing 30 lessons and forgetting them when they come back is not a big deal at all, you’ll remember some but most not, that’s okay. Just keep doing your reviews, eventually they will stick, don’t stress yourself out. When you get it wrong, carefully read the mnemonics and make your own connections if you need to.

Well anyway, welcome to WaniKani!


I think a lot of us have been in this situation in either WK or any other SRS system. I’d say don’t fret about it - apprentice stages are meant to be the learning stages and a large new item influx results in more churning in apprentice. Lay off lessons for a while until you start getting them to guru and then continue.


Doing vocabulary lessons and immediately forgetting them is my trademark. I would suggest not resetting and instead just working through them. It will suck at first because you’ll get quite a few wrong, but those mistakes should solidify the correct answers into your brain. Just keep working through them until you’re not super overwhelmed and then get started on new lessons!

It might seem overwhelming right now, but if you just forgive yourself for failing reviews for a bit now, I’m sure you can get through these 30 items. Use the self-study feature, “recent mistakes” and cram the items for a bit after every session. :slight_smile:

Not really. Once you’ve burnt an item, they will never go back to the lessons pool. Unburning a burnt items, puts them in Apprentice 1. Can be good to know.

Only resetting an entire level puts items back into the lessons pool.


Don’t worry and just do your reviews.
To prevent yourself from doing to many lessons in the future you can limit your items in Apprentice.
I use a mobile App that has some Skripts included. There is an option to stop the app from giving me more lessons when I reach 50 items in Apprentice. Only 5 - 10 new lessons for me per day which is perfect for me.

You could use a reorder script to push some to end the of the review pile and then stop reviewing when you get to that point, maybe? That would enable you to complete the ones you remember better and level them up but effectively pause the others to tackle later.

I usually just power through when I accidentally do this, and try to spend some extra time reviewing them again after I fail some, but that’s the only way I can think of to tackle otherwise.

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