Struggling with heartbreak, and trying to hang on

today also difficult, but good thing happened.

i was looking around the forums and realized that I can bundle SRS with manga for some immersion and fun, and I read the first chapter of Shikimori-san, seeing the page of the Absolute Beginners Book Club!

I found and put some vocabulary in there, like 時折.

I also did my SRS too.

As I’m coming to terms with the break up, I actually felt happy being able to read the manga! I bought Volume 1 of Bocchi too, but that’s kinda difficult right now, I’ll stick to the recommendations of the Absolute Beginners Book Club first to ease myself.

This might be a good hobby in the evening after work, I’d like more friends, and friends close by I can chat with in the weekday evenings, but for now I can add this as like, something that’s fun and somewhat productive too.

I had been playing a lot of Honkai Star Rail in Japanese, and the audio’s fine, but reading the vocabulary is a different thing.