Struggling with heartbreak, and trying to hang on

Hi everyone,

I would appreciate some support as I’m going through a lot right now. Potentially breaking up and each day has been excruciating to get up. Doing Wanikani when I get up is one of the few routines I have to hold on. I’ve only been doing 10 reviews a day, and my backlog initially was at 500 in November before it blew up back to about 600. You can see my previous progress here 5 Minutes for 6 Days 1140 reviews: A log

I’d like to have a log starting from this point, and see how my life goes.


Best of luck! I hope the routine helps during this time.


How many lessons do you do per day on average? There is nothing wrong with 10 reviews per day but you have to pace your lessons accordingly to avoid building a huge depressing backlog.


Please, visit the Dry Tavern if you would like to.

There are quite a few of us there willing to listen in depth, and give opinions. We are scattered across the world, from different backgrounds and perspectives, just like everyone else here.


Hang in there.
Every heartache is different and it probably doesn’t help in the moment but a lot of us have been through it.
Please look after yourself - if you can: fresh air, sun light, nature, walks, talking with friends…, no or low alcohol.
People care about you.


Time heals all wounds, my friend. We’ve all been there. Think of it as an opportunity to grow, and don’t give up on Japanese and whatever else you enjoy! Be yourself!


I started WK when I was going through culture shock and a lot of huge life changes. Routines and keeping yourself preoccupied is the best way to help yourself heal and process everything. Best of luck and don’t give up!


@soggyboy @prouleau @RoseWagsBlue @DaraM18 @willthelearner @WaniTsunami Thank you for all your support~

I’d say I’m a little bit better compared to when I made the post four days ago.
Four days ago was just one of the last straws on top of everything else

details I'll put in here for now

rebuilding my relationship with my dad, improving appetite, and finding a job.

@prouleau I only did lessons that had stacked up since the December 2018 content update, like the bread loaf counter and like konnichiwa. Other than that I’m not actively adding lessons, I initially wanted to get to 0 reviews and make my way from there, but yea my pace has dropped.

Unfortunately I lost my records from back like 2017 when I first started, but here’s what I have recorded now.

@RoseWagsBlue Thank you for the invite~ I’m glad to find support where I can.

@DaraM18 Thankfully I never had a habit of alcohol~ I do find myself staring at a screen late at night, but the emotions got so intense that I feel like I need to sleep to escape the emotions…

@willthelearner I’m definitely reflecting on myself and considering why I haven’t taken very good care of myself~

@WaniTsunami Routines are likely a huge part of what’ll get me through right now.

Here’s my review summary for today.

Hopefully, I’d like to get to 0 reviews, and then make my way to at least Level 30.


Hi everyone~

My emotions oscillating less today, I remembered to do some Wanikani reviews

The thing about the add-on is that streaks are only recorded via this specific instance, since I have the add-on here… It didn’t preserve my past history, and I can’t use Smouldering Durtles with streak…

but yea, these reviews weren’t that bad, in comparison i’m having so much trouble remembering grammar as is, if I could find some kinda show to pair my grammar point with it’d be easier, like kashira is easy to remember because of ara ara ladies.




hi everyone~ almost didn’t do my reviews but thought I would feel better once I did, so i did them


today also difficult, but good thing happened.

i was looking around the forums and realized that I can bundle SRS with manga for some immersion and fun, and I read the first chapter of Shikimori-san, seeing the page of the Absolute Beginners Book Club!

I found and put some vocabulary in there, like 時折.

I also did my SRS too.

As I’m coming to terms with the break up, I actually felt happy being able to read the manga! I bought Volume 1 of Bocchi too, but that’s kinda difficult right now, I’ll stick to the recommendations of the Absolute Beginners Book Club first to ease myself.

This might be a good hobby in the evening after work, I’d like more friends, and friends close by I can chat with in the weekday evenings, but for now I can add this as like, something that’s fun and somewhat productive too.

I had been playing a lot of Honkai Star Rail in Japanese, and the audio’s fine, but reading the vocabulary is a different thing.







hi ppl, i got new idea

today I researched more Japanese learning resources and I read chapter 2 of the Shikimori-san manga!

maybe if I use Japanese more, more interest will return (like I’ll be more interested and engaged)
and i’ll translate below too!



Good luck! I’m also reading Shikimori-san, and I like how cute but cool she is. This is my first time hearing about jpdb, so thanks for sharing a link! It seems really useful.
I’ve also been playing Star Rail and it’s really fun, but the vocabulary does get difficult. How’s the new event? Did you pull for Ruan Mei?

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ありがとう @anon48951807 ~

jpdb本当に便利そう~ たくさんアニメを見るから、jpdbは本当に便利だと思うよ

新しいイベントはまだやっている、面白そう~ まあ、ヘルター宇宙ステーションはもっとハロウェインみたいな感じww、クリスマスなのに

@anon48951807 は?

Translation below and please let me know if there’s any grammar or colloquialisms I can improve!

I’m also wondering if I should do translations like this or if I should just stick with the Japanese?

Thank you milfeuil~
jpdb really is convenient~ I watch a lot of anime, so I think that jpdb really is convenient.
next year in january laid back camp season 3 is coming so i’m very excited!

about star rail (a gacha game released by mihoyo), it’s really fun, im already at rank 55 XD
i’m still doing the new event, it’s pretty interesting, though the herta space station (the location for the new event) feels more like halloween even though its christmas
i also play genshin, and a couple years back there was an event with albedo around december time, and there was a lot of snow and roasting marshmellows kind of feeling

i haven’t pulled ruan mei yet, i don’t have enough jewels XD
in the last warp i pulled silver wolf, e1 too (my luck was just good, i wanted more eidolons for asta XD)
milfeuil, wbu?

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Right? The new enemies are terrifying! I also pulled Silver Wolf, but I went for her signature instead of eidolons since I don’t have Tutorial. She’s good with Ratio so I’m looking forward to his release.

I’m also wondering if I should do translations like this or if I should just stick with the Japanese?


I’ve been thinking the same thing. I want to practice thinking in Japanese, so translating my thoughts back into English gets in the way a bit. But forum members have various levels of Japanese, and I’m a beginner so I’ll make mistakes. I don’t want communicating with me to be difficult for others.


Keep going! This is my third round with WaniKani because of relationship issues (first time was all the way back in 2018!). We divorced at the beginning of this year, and I’ve only now got back into things and regret not keeping at it before. Tumultuous relationships can make everything else go wrong in your life!


@anon48951807 でしょう~ そしてあの化け物は怖い虫だらけ、なんかキモイとこわいよww

tutorialのコンを持っておめでとう~ 持ってなかったから大変だ¯(°_o)/¯


right?? and those monsters are all insects so its kinda disgusting and scary XD
congrats on getting the tutorial light cone! I didn’t get it :sob:

would you like to share UIDs? my account is american, so if its a different area, then that can’t be helped but oh well~



about practicing japanese, i think that here’s a good place.
as i am now, i’m pretty comfortable with japanese, but opportunities to talk with people is rare…

i hope that i can continue to practice japanese with everyone here~

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i’m sorry to hear about your divorce… i hope things are getting better and continue to wish the best for you!

I hope that wanikani can be one of the things to pull me from this rough time!

here are my stats for today

also happy new year everyone~ あけおめ!




あ、「tutorial」がないよ。「incessant rain」を持った。




じゃあ、ここで練習する。( ´ ▽ ` )

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