Struggling to stay motivated- how have you kept going?

I agree with everything @pgoonghang has said. They’ve given some great advice.

I just realized how long this post is, so I've put it into one of these thingys to spare people scrolling through

Don’t worry, doing reviews often causes me great levels of anger and stress also.

Remember the small victories. Every time you read something in Japanese and go: “Oh, I just learned that word/kanji!” will give you a small kick. Often times it’s hard to stay so motivated with one clear goal when you’re doing something long-term. This is why the little things matter. They’re (at least from what I’ve experienced) the key to not burning out in the long run.

Me. At any social event in public, ever. This is why I stay at home and study Japanese.

I gotta say, this sounds pretty interesting

What about businessmen anime fans? :thinking:

Just remember there are tons of dead cheap and even free resources out there. Bunpro is a great one as stated above, but if you’re looking for other ones check out this holy grail of a thread:
The Ultimate Additional Japanese Resources List!