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The charts are working for non-subscribers now.


It works great in showing all the chart info now, thanks!

However, it stopped indicating on which level I am at (like how with the attached image in my previous post, it showed that I was at level 3). It’s not an important feature that I miss or anything, but I don’t know where else to report such minor bugs.

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I just checked and I don’t have that problem. Did you log back in with your API token?

Yeah, I am logged in, I properly see other data, but I am not seeing my level indicated on the chart anymore (see attached picture).

Perhaps showing the level is now a feature for subscribing users, and free users get the same code as people that are not logged in, an accidental feature perhaps :slight_smile: . I think that is fine and would be fair. I just reported it in case the dev doesn’t want it this way.


Ahh, that makes sense based on the fix I used for non-subscribers. I’ll add it to the “to-do” list, but it’ll be at least a few weeks before I have a chance to work on it.

But in the meantime, the level-highlight will start working as soon as you subscribe anyway.


There is an issue with wkstats.com, do you know why like 90% of the Kanji on the “Items” tab are shown as green (not on WaniKani)? Is there a fix for that? Kinda annoying, I’d like to see when those Kanji are taught among other things

The site won’t show you any items from the non-free levels if you don’t have an active subscription. They become available once you have a subscription active.


Thanks for answering that one. I always forget about non-subscribers (most are subscribed by the time they find wkstats), so I was totally at a loss to understand what they were experiencing, :joy:


Ah that makes sense thanks!

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The certificate expired and it has HSTS enabled so i’m unable to use it right now :frowning:

Any chance to get it fixed?


If you’re desperate for a temporary solution, setting your computer clock back a day worked for me. That said, I can’t wholeheartedly recommend this as it could be insecure and is probably more of a pain than it’s worth. (ETA: and might mess with any licenced programs on your machine)

It’s fixed. The certificate did auto-renew, but for some reason it failed to instruct the web server to reload with the new certificate.


If this happenes again, a quick fix is to tell your browser to ignore certificate errors.
Chrome can do this with a command line parameter
“–ignore-certificate-errors”, just put this into the start settings.

I can not recommend this as a permanent solution as this ignores all certificate errors, which lowers your security.

Since the issue is fixed now, it isn’t neccesary anymore. But just that you great people are informed.

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Hello! In the first post there is a screenshot of the “Projections”, but when I try it it says “Sorry, this page is still under construction”?