[STATS] Statistics site

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The charts are working for non-subscribers now.


It works great in showing all the chart info now, thanks!

However, it stopped indicating on which level I am at (like how with the attached image in my previous post, it showed that I was at level 3). It’s not an important feature that I miss or anything, but I don’t know where else to report such minor bugs.

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I just checked and I don’t have that problem. Did you log back in with your API token?

Yeah, I am logged in, I properly see other data, but I am not seeing my level indicated on the chart anymore (see attached picture).

Perhaps showing the level is now a feature for subscribing users, and free users get the same code as people that are not logged in, an accidental feature perhaps :slight_smile: . I think that is fine and would be fair. I just reported it in case the dev doesn’t want it this way.


Ahh, that makes sense based on the fix I used for non-subscribers. I’ll add it to the “to-do” list, but it’ll be at least a few weeks before I have a chance to work on it.

But in the meantime, the level-highlight will start working as soon as you subscribe anyway.


There is an issue with wkstats.com, do you know why like 90% of the Kanji on the “Items” tab are shown as green (not on WaniKani)? Is there a fix for that? Kinda annoying, I’d like to see when those Kanji are taught among other things

The site won’t show you any items from the non-free levels if you don’t have an active subscription. They become available once you have a subscription active.


Thanks for answering that one. I always forget about non-subscribers (most are subscribed by the time they find wkstats), so I was totally at a loss to understand what they were experiencing, :joy:


Ah that makes sense thanks!

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The certificate expired and it has HSTS enabled so i’m unable to use it right now :frowning:

Any chance to get it fixed?


If you’re desperate for a temporary solution, setting your computer clock back a day worked for me. That said, I can’t wholeheartedly recommend this as it could be insecure and is probably more of a pain than it’s worth. (ETA: and might mess with any licenced programs on your machine)

It’s fixed. The certificate did auto-renew, but for some reason it failed to instruct the web server to reload with the new certificate.


If this happenes again, a quick fix is to tell your browser to ignore certificate errors.
Chrome can do this with a command line parameter
“–ignore-certificate-errors”, just put this into the start settings.

I can not recommend this as a permanent solution as this ignores all certificate errors, which lowers your security.

Since the issue is fixed now, it isn’t neccesary anymore. But just that you great people are informed.

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Hello! In the first post there is a screenshot of the “Projections”, but when I try it it says “Sorry, this page is still under construction”?

only just stumbled on this thread and the stats site. kudos to the designer. this is a really useful site. thank you for creating and maintaining it.

@rfindley been trying to get the apikey url working so that i can share my wanikani stats with my japanese teacher. i just end up on login page with a prompt for my apikey. i tried mucking with the url, tried removing dashes from the apikey. no luck.

guess i could just send my teacher the link and the apikey but to provide a url that just worked would be way cooler.

thanks for your help. also for the cool site.

I bet you already know this @rfindley but, yeah, I just noticed that WKstats isn’t fully functional after the introduction of kana-only vocab. It seems primarily the accuracy counter was hit, but also no stats for learnt items from the looks of it.

Level-ups and also the Item pages seems fine. For example Wanikani:

Well, obviously, it’s not ideal that we have an “undefined” item here, but the rest of the page works as usual, so that’s :+1:


Thanks for fixing this bug @rfindley! You’re the best! ^>^ :heart:


@rfindley Any chance you can figure out why this thing thinks my level up time for level 19 is a negative number? Despite the text for the element seeming like it would be correct (well, and for the fact that you can’t even see the text cause it’s below the chart or something), the data for it is negative somehow and it skews the averages incorrectly as well.

level 19 (weird line going below chart)
If you want, I can email you a new temp API key if you still have the address I sent to in 2015, or let me know an alternative.

Unfortunately, I don’t have time to look into it right now (and not likely soon), but you can click on levels 18 and 19 to exclude them from your average.