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Hello. It appears that wkstatsi not tracking my time on level anymore. Thanks for looking into it.

First, try the new version of the site: wkstats.com/v2
The new version isn’t entirely complete yet, but most of it is done.

For any parts where you want to continue using version 1 of the site, you will occasionally run into quirks like you just encountered. It relies on data from WK’s APIv1, which sometimes doesn’t have quite enough information to show an accurate number. For example, if you haven’t done at least one lesson on a new level, it can sometimes stay stuck at 0days 0 hours.

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In one sentence: As soon as you do even one lesson, it will automatically adjust to the correct time. :wink:

The new version works. Thank you for the link!

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First off, great site! Thanks so much for the work put into this.

I was using the old version and noticed a L2 vocab item that was no longer in WK (大いに), so I used the report link and found out about v2 just now :slight_smile:

Wanted to suggest alerting people to v2 somewhere on the old page (maybe that’s pending v2 being closer to finished or something).

Also WK is still linking to the old version somewhere in their getting started articles, which is where I found it.

Thanks again - it’s great to see all your progress all laid out in several ways on WKstats. Makes me want to find some kids books for reading practice!

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Have you checked out the book clubs? Might give you some inspiration, plus their Q&A threads might help you along if you struggle.


I use wkstats in a bunch of different ways, to understand how I’m doing on wanikani and where my blind-spots are. I’m grateful for it!

I think there may be a mistake in wkstats, on level 7 vocabulary. It has 氏 as vocabulary, which becomes a broken link on the page. I think it should be ~氏

The current (old) version of the site doesn’t update when Wanikani changes. The new version of the site updates automatically. wkstats.com/v2

The new version isn’t 100% finished yet, but it is mostly useable.


Thanks! I just tried it, and it seems to do the things I most like to do with the site

I’d just like to say you that wkstats is a super website ! I used it for a long time and it helps a lot.
When the v2 is completed, are you planning on display all information in one page as it used to be with the v1 ?
Anyway a big thank to you for the effort you made helping us using wanikani smoothly

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@rfindley, can you add a Leeches section / option / category? Thank you!!!

hipster bug

Thanks… I’ll take a look when I get some free time… which won’t be very soon, though.

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I signed up for WaniKani years ago but never used it and just reset myself to one. My stats show up a bit weird as it things I’ve been in Level one for a few 1,000 days. Anyway to reset that so I can se the stats correctly in WK Stats. For example, I just leveled up from Level 1 to Level 2 in a few days after resetting to zero but now it’s showing I’ll level up to 3 in about 5 months. I’m guessing it driven by the long time in Level 1.

The new version takes resets into account.

Fantastic. Thanks for the fast reply. What does the green coloring represent on the items tab?

I think it means “Not in Wanikani.”

I saw that green category on the v2 site when I found out about like 10 days ago, but I don’t see it now.

Seems like v2 is still under lots of development.


It does mean “Not on Wanikani” but you’ll only see it under the filters for certain types of item lists. If you’re looking at items on the Wanikani list, it won’t show since that one is just what’s on WK already, but if you’re looking at JLPT for example, it’s there:


I think I’m having trouble with the alphabet… I’ve set my sort order for WK items like this:

Specifically: Sort Items by Item Name

But when I look at e.g. the level 25 kanji, they go in this order:

with the item names being
Give / Climate / Effective / Include / Alive …

which is not exactly what I imagine when thinking of alphabetical order :rofl:

Am I misunderstanding something here? How would I be able to sort the level 25 kanji alphabetically?

Although your assumption makes sense, ‘alphabetical order’ actually turns out to be ‘unicode order’, which is probably useless for kanji and vocab. Maybe I’ll change it when I finish v2.

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