Starting WaniKani for December N2 prep/review?

@suri123 I guess it was number 2. I just changed it and I’ll try again when reviews pop up. Thanks!

@Naphthalene You know, that looks remarkably unintimidating as a little screenshot. It’s only 181 kanji plus the 75 from N3 for good measure times 2-3 readings each plus 2-3 actual words no problem at-- :confounded::weary::exploding_head: (Thanks, really! It’s a big help!)



Just to give you a rough idea of the items you get up to level 28. That’s from my personal wanikani stats page (I guess it counts kanji against the independent jlpt lists you can find online, so take it with a pinch of salt).

Tell me if there are any info of interest for you I can extract from my stats.

Definitely do it! I started WK in January of 2017, and got to around level 40 (forget exactly), and passed N3 that December - by the lowest possible score, but still. The kanji really, really pulled me through. You’re not going to get as many kanji as you’d like for the N2, definitely, but you could use Memrise N2 kanji sets (or the like) on the side - getting it on multiple places will help!

(I recently restarted WaniKani after reaching level 52, which is most all kanji for N2, with the idea that I will take the N2 in December 2019 - I’ll reach level 52 by then again, if that gives you a sense of how long it would take)

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