(SPOILER EDITION) Descent of the Durtle into Madness

You shall be sacrificed to the durtles for the greater good


Really though, I have no clue what’s going on either XD


That doesn’t sound very exciting.
I’m not really looking forward to that. Lol.

At least I won’t be alone…
It seems @sad-axolotl will be coming with me!


You’ll most likely be able to enter Durtle Heaven after the ritual so you’ll be fine~ ^^ probably


What page, exactly, did these close encounters happen on?


I had just started reading the “Master List of Book Clubs”, after being given a suggestion to do so by @seanblue in the “First Manga Reading” thread.

Durtle seen here →

Almost at the same time this happened in the poll thread →

I’m not sure where @sad-axolotl had their close encounter…
What are you thinking @Belthazar??

I thought maybe it might have lead to a badge (forgive me of speaking of same out loud). I don’t have any durtle badges, so I thought maybe that’s how it works, but I have no badge and still no idea what happened??


It still seems like the thing I mentioned earlier to me. Someone used that durtle emote in that topic, and if you scroll past that post, a larger version of the image sometimes appears.

not-so-patiently waits for a tsundurtle to walk across my screen


Only thinking that if it’s deliberate and not some kinda page-loading hiccough, then at the very least it’s an easter egg for something.

Out of curiosity, why’re we in the spoiler version of the Durtle Heaven thread?


I had been lurking around here as I usually do. I was catching up the latest gossip from the olympians thread when the durtle came out of nowhere! It was all green, chirped something sinister and I think it had a knife.

And then it vanished as fast as it appeared!

Needless to say I was frightened… Dropped my phone and ran here for shelter. It all happened so quickly. I don’t know what would have happened had I stayed.

Heres a phantom sketch:


I had a similar experience. Made me feel very uneasy. Like someone is watching me. Like I can’t take a step or make a move without them knowing. This is what I saw…



I responded to @sad-axolotl 's post, as below -

I spend some time in that thread too. I wonder if that is the commonality? It’s really weird.
I don’t think it’s s glitch like some ppl were saying… it was too big and too obvious to be a page loading glitch, right?

That’s a scary durtle! I’m glad mine was friendly.

From the way you describe it, it sounds like the same thing as what these posts from a few months ago are talking about(a larger image of an emote used on the page appearing momentarily) to me, especially since all the instances you mentioned actually had a post with a durtle emote near it, just like all of these posts from a few months ago :slight_smile: That said, if I’m wrong and it actually is some new thing and not just a bug, that would also be cool! (Actually, it’s cool even if it is a bug)


You have done a lot of research into this! Thank you. Logically, I feel you may be correct and your evidence suggests same, but in my heart, I want to believe that the durtles roam free…


I too have seen a vision of durtles past :scream:

and then I tried scrolling through the thread real fast and was able to see giant durtles every time. +1 to your theory


The fact that you could replicate the appearance of the durtle simply by scrolling through the page makes me a bit sad…

I really thought I had spotted a durtle in the wild and was hoping that meant something.


But what I saw was just the very edge of a durtle (hardly more than an arm), it wasn’t as significant as yours. I still wanna believe that yours was some kind of easter egg :star_struck:


I suspect it’s because the Durtle emoji images are actually this big:


If you scroll down the page too fast, it needs a moment to remember how big the emoji actually should be.


Nothing here??


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