Speaking & Grammar

Be sure to check out the Ultimate Additional Japanese Resource List to find places to study for your desired goals. I’m going to be checking out Bunpro for grammar (paid), LingoDeer for vocabulary and speaking (plus it has grammar notes), and I currently use DuoLingo. I’ve also been told Imabi is a top resource for all things grammar.

That said, kanji seems essential for any type of Japanese communication, as no matter what you read, there always seems to be a mountain of kanji. So, I think kanji should go hand in hand with any studying. It wouldn’t make sense, for example, to have a perfect understanding of English grammar yet not be able to write anything.

I’m fairly confident I’ll personally be subscribing to WK once I get to three, as it seems to be one important part of a multi-part puzzle for becoming proficient in Japanese, and I wouldn’t want to skip over it.