So I've reached level 60 and it's the law to write a post isn't it?

Hello WK peepz

I’ve just turned the final corner on this epic kanji adventure game. So, basically, it took me 1,248 days to get here … and that’s a little under three and a half years, which means genetically I’m more tortoise than hare I would imagine.

Now, to celebrate I made a little cup of matcha and sat contemplating my achievement. I’ve been living in Japan for five years (actually tomorrow is my 5th year anniversary). My spoken Japanese still sucks … but don’t get me wrong, I can basically communicate pretty much anything I need to … only, my goal is to do so eloquently … thus I thought I’d start by getting literate … and then consuming loads and loads of Japanese media. So here I am, level 60 of Wanikani … about to set forth into my next project of reading and listening to Japanese media … only a matter of the rest of my life I guess!

One thing that I think needs to be said … when I started Wanikani, it was because I met someone who spoke Japanese extremely well and their advice to me was to get literate, learn to read kanji … however, it seems the very act of taking three and a half years of doing Wanikani taught me the self-discipline I needed to learn any skill in life.

Other people have whizzed through to level 60 in just over a year … and props to them for that … but I’m not in anyway ashamed it’s taken me longer (and neither should you if that’s you too … or the future you too) … I learned the technical side of photography over a year … and since then I’ve been learning the creative side of it. That’s basically like learning to read kanji and then reading books. I also had the self discipline to go on a diet three months ago … and I’ve lost 12 kilograms … and can wear cool clothes again and not look like a d**** … yay!!!

So in summary … yay, Wanikani is awesome … and not just for learning kanji … for learning how to maintain a healthy habit over the long term. Keep at guys :slight_smile:


Join ussssssssss!


Certainly will - in fact I’ve already bought all the volumes of Yotsubato! and have been enjoying reading those on and off for a while now. Also, I’m going to re-read my Japanese Star Wars books (as with the katakana words and the fact I know the stories inside out and backwards, I find having that schema really useful for learning words) Plus, whenever I visit Japanese castles, I end up being able to read quite a lot of the history what with all the battle related context. Anyway, will join very soon.


I just LOVE this post. Well done to you, and be proud of taking your time and doing other things while you steadily chipped away at WaniKani. My aim is to do just what you’ve done - I hope I can. Enjoy the rest of your life taking on and beating new challenges all the way!


Likewise, enjoy the journey you are taking … enjoy the sunshine, the rainbows and learn to contend with the thunderstorms and miserable rainy days where kanji fall out of your ears … metaphorically speaking :wink: I think one of the funniest things, is that on these long-term marathons, after a while, it just becomes something you do without questioning why … and that ain’t a bad thing … you just end up acquiring the grit and determination to complete the mission … and unwittingly acquire a whole load more rewards along the way. Time is relative … Time is infinite … it will never run out … so what’s the hurry :wink:


I couldn’t agree with you more! I’ve never been this disciplined in my entire life, and it’s starting to leak into other things as well (exercise, study habits, etc.)…

Anyway, Congratulations!!


Hey there, I stopped in to tell you congratulations on the hard work and dedication. :brain::muscle:


Cheers - and you too. Yep, exercise is certainly on my list. I started cycling to Tokyo from Chiba city (around 40 km) once a week back in August (to help with my weight loss mission). So having accomplished that, I thought I’d start weight training next month. I’ve got a few coworkers who are always working out at the gym … and of course, they’re in their 20’s and 30’s whereas I’m 50 … so what kind of motivates me, is knowing they might have all the testosterone and youthfulness on their side, but I’ve got the self-discipline and dogged persistence on my side … so I’ve set myself what I think is a realistic goal to get a physique like Brad Pitt in Fight Club … might take a couple of years, might take longer … but kind of cool to think that when I was in my 20’s, I just didn’t know what I wanted to do … and spent years procrastinating etc etc … but now I’ve published some photography books, moved to Japan … learned some kanji … got myself into shape … and thus, I can say anything is possible eh :wink:


I’m so happy for you! Congratulations and also thank you for motivating me as well with your words. I have just begun to set into normal routines but I’m sure I can become better at them with inspiration like this. Thank you for taking the time to get to 60, and also showing Wanikani does not make you a super genius at Japanese <3

I’ve got to work on the other parts besides Kanji too! :slight_smile:


:eyes: :+1: goes back to hiding in the Yotsubato! Reading Club


Congratulations to you on so many levels. You should be proud of what you have achieved, in WK, self discipline, weight loss and just life in general.

Thank you for your inspiring words. So good to hear your positive experience.


Thankyou for your post. I feel like studying Japanese is also teaching me more discipline, both through learning study behaviors but also an Asian work ethic as I continue to be inspired by people from the Japanese (and Korean) culture.

I am not at your level yet but I will get there,



Congrats on the completion of your WK Journey! Best of luck as you start your new journey into the world of Japanese Literature!

Thanks for the hope for those of us who are a little more turtle than crabigator. =)


Congratulations! :cake: :confetti_ball: :tada:


All the best to you with getting your daily kanji motor running. I guess the other thing I’d say is that, apart from getting a routine worked out, never get disheartened if you skip a day, a week or two and have a huge stack of reviews to plough through … I spent almost a year on two levels (around 33-35) as I took a holiday for 3 weeks, and then was working on my kanji kentei writing practice for a couple of months … and so had this massive disruption to my routine. Sometimes stuff happens that gets in the way … that’s where your persistence is really put to the test. But, once you get past that … there’s no looking back.


Cheers, it’s certainly do-able … just keep on Wanikani-ing … chipping away at the thing little by little.

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Yeah, it’s like a rabbit hole isn’t it … deeper you go, the more interesting things get and that feeds right back into the motivation to keep going. Good luck to you on your quest :slight_smile:


Sorry for being late, congratulations!! :tada::partying_face::confetti_ball::confetti_ball:

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