Should I give up?

I agree with @kalfritz mentioning grammar. That should be near the top of the list.

Here is what I wrote for first-time readers planning to join the Absolute Beginner Book Club, with regards to grammar:


I think this is most commonly an artifact of not reading enough. I saw this based on my own experience spending two years learning (and forgetting) vocabulary before I got into reading manga in Japanese.

What ways do you use hiragana daily?

When I started reading manga in Japanese, I was looking up every word. Over time, that reduced, as I learned more words.

One of the manga I read earlier today, I have to look up roughly one in ten words. Sometimes more, sometime fewer.

But it took a few years of reading manga to reach this point.

Learning the basics of Japanese grammar gave me the biggest initial boost for reading. Then I re-learned the basics as I read through manga and needed to better understand the material.

There are other manga I’m reading that still require manga vocabulary look-ups. It will probably take me a few more years to get better at more intermediate difficulty.

Focus on reading material with furigana until you are more used to the vocabulary.

Join us in the Absolute Beginner Book Club, or read through something we previously read. There are discussion threads talking about a lot of the grammar in the material.