SHIORI EXPERIENCE - Gauging Interest

Shiori has a problem. Actually, she has a bunch - working as an English teacher at a prestigious high school, she has to deal with students who show no respect for her, her family has been settled with a massive debt left behind by her brother who went missing while chasing his rock’n’roll dream, and it dawned on her that she actually isn’t quite happy with how her life has turned out, her love for rock music clashing with her father’s dismissal after what happened with her brother. But around her 27th birthday, she finds herself haunted by the ghost of the late Jimi Hendrix and part of a pact that lends her his guidance to musical greatness - but she’ll die if she doesn’t reach the status of musical legend before her next birthday. An uphill battle ensues as Shiori begins gathering students who share her love for music and make it big with their newly formed “Light Music Club”, as it dawns on her exactly what she hasn’t signed up for…

I’ve been keeping up with the scanlations of this one for a while, and having gotten to the point where my time actively using WK is going to slowly simmer down, I figured it was about time to actually read the original version. The scanlation -is- pretty good, mind, but it’s still far from caught up with the source material on top of a pretty irregular update schedule and there’s no way this is coming outside of Japan beyond manga imports with the legal nightmare that is “having Jimi Hendrix, among other music industry legends, be a prominent part of the story in a world where JoJo media has to pretend that a character didn’t just say ‘King Crimson’”.

First I wanna see if someone wants to join in. I already plan on ordering whatever volumes are currently available from Japan either way, but since I haven’t done it (yet) this is still a couple weeks away from starting. If there’s any questions about the manga, please feel free to ask.


I don’t have the time or knowledge to read this but I just want to thank you for bringing it’s existence to attention.
That summary felt like a ride of it’s own.


yaaaaass I’ve been sitting on this for a while, but I’m too lazy to write up nomination post for the book clubs