Share pneomonics/stories you've created that might be useful to others!

WK sometimes makes obscure references to popculture/history/etc to help us remember readings, right? I feel like they missed out on a great opportunity with the vocabulary word: . Here’s the explanation they provided for the reading:
You jump on a wave and ride around the world on it. It doesn’t drop you off anywhere, until you reach a certain location: Vietnam (なみ). You jump off the wave and look at Vietnam. Imagine the most Vietnamese things you can think of to help you to make this wave-Vietnam association.

Have they not seen Apocalypse Now? The absurd scene of surfing in Vietnam in the middle of a war is imbedded in my brain.

Share yours!


Pneomonics are people infected with pneumonia :slight_smile:. And there’s a thread for that.


I couldn’t believe my eyes when I read “pneomonics” - WK in pandemic times! lol


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