Self-Updating WaniKani Spreadsheet to Track Progress for API 2.0

Thanks for this, and especially for the clear, step-by-step instructions with visuals :grin:

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This is great, though I have like 1000 items left to burn :sweat_smile:
If you ever implement a historic retrieval, I’d be very happy to use that.

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Thanks, @eainge for the data sheet. And thanks @Belthazar for some extra ソース

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Thanks @eainge you might just have triggered me to reset and restart wanikani from scratch after a 18 months pause :smiley:

Ooo will you still be motivated to go forward if you start over? I think the data would look pretty interesting starting from your current point, it doesn’t need to start from the beginning.

Also I’m just coming back from a long hiatus myself! Just leveled up for the first time since summer 2019. My data looks terrible haha but what can ya do?

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For some reason, my spreadsheet stopped counting Radicals, Kanji, and Vocabulary separately? I pasted in the old numbers from my API 1.0 spreadsheet, could that be why?

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Hmm, this is really odd. I don’t think pasting old numbers into your API would do anything like this. I haven’t changed anything on my end, so it’s strange that it would happen all of a sudden.

Did you change anything around 1/6 or 1/7?

Nope, I have a healthy fear of javascript so I didn’t even go near it.

Do the totals line up correctly with your Wanikani website?

Also did you do anything in WaniKani - like reset back a level?

One final reply @bonkaholic

If you’re up for it, we could try to debug this together. Go to your excel and click Tools -> Script Editor. You should have a script called Click on that.

Now scroll down to line 29, which should say var radA = parsed.total_count; After that line, on line 30 or so, add in a new line that says console.log(radA).

Press the run button and share with me what it outputs in the exection log. Also you can go to your WaniKani spreadsheet and see that it’s put in a new row. Let me know what it looks like. You can delete this excel row afterwards, it won’t affect the code.

For your reference, the code just looks for the next free line and appends it each time. So you can run it as many times as you want manually, and delete the new row each time, and it won’t affect it. It also won’t affect it’s auto-run at midnight each day.

Lmao, ok I figured it out as soon as I copied a row when you said

go to your WaniKani spreadsheet and see that it’s put in a new row. Let me know what it looks like.

The text was white.


Hahaha, what?? I would never have guessed that.

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