See lessons taken today?

Hello all,

I’ve been doing 5 lessons a day. The problem is I sometimes forget whether or not I’ve done my five lessons. Is there any way to tell?

Thank you!

You can use Kumirei’s WaniKani Heatmap userscript to track lessons, reviews, study streaks, etc.


If you click on lessons, the summery page shows first. At the bottom of that page it should say: “Your last session activity was about XX minutes/hours ago”.


Strange, it says an hour ago… And the reviews section says 2 days ago. I think an hour ago I was eating and I did reviews a few times today…

I wonder if using Flaming Durtles is messing with it.

Yeah, there’s something wrong with the lesson one, at the very least. I haven’t done a lesson in months, but mine also says “about an hour ago.”

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I think there is a time-out on the page. When it is passed its due you have a blank summary page that says “one hour ago”.


I know Tsurukame on IOS updates the reviews in batches in the background so my review times and last lesson show up as like 300+ items in the middle of the night.

Mine is correct so yeah I would guess the app is messing it up.

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