Script to cut back time on reviews?

Hey guys, I often set a time limit for myself to do my reviews and my biggest issue is that sometimes I’d be sitting on something that I have just learned for like a good 20 seconds which adds up to a lot when you have around 300+ reviews a day, I would like to know if there is a script that’ll skip a card if I’ve been taking more than for example 10 seconds reviewing it?

There are no ways to skip cards. There used to be a script that let you postpone doing cards by pushing them to the end of the queue. But, it’s not been working for some time now for me.

What you can do, however, it to intentionally fail items you don’t want to answer right now and keep doing so until you feel you’re done with the session. Then you close the tab without ending the session, which resets the answers for those temporarily failed items.

Oh my bad, what I meant is that is there a script that’ll fail a card automatically if I take more than 10 seconds reviewing it?

My suggestion then is to try to request it in this thread: