Scheduled Downtime for March 30, 2022

We are planning a maintenance window of about 30 minutes at 2022-03-30T20:30:00Z. During that time, WaniKani will not be accessible. Our host requires us to do some maintenance on our database.

As always, we’ll post updates when we start, as things happen, and when we’re all wrapped up.

Thanks for your understanding and patience!


Your host never gives you much of a heads up, do they? :slight_smile:


Ha, they let us know on Monday, and I was out of the office. It should be all automated, but their rollover doesn’t do any cache warming, so we have to do this by hand to make sure the site performs well after the maintenance (it’s really a rollover to an up-to-date, promoted follower).


This is barely more comprehendible to me than kanji was a few years ago! :rofl:


And, here we go.

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Alright, all finished. We’ll keep an eye on all the things.


Haha the funny thing was after the 30 mins passed, I waited even longer because i didn’t want to get my reviews mucked up but the website actually went offline while i was doing my reviews. i was confused why the ‘look at what this means’ button wasn’t working and why the counter for the ‘wrap up’ wasn’t going down. I opened the website in a new tab and it was offline.

But I really like the animation it gives you while it’s offline, it’s really funny!

What was changed?

It was some routine maintenance on the database that stores all the things, so nothing new.

Huh, we started at the scheduled time and finished pretty quickly. Did I mess up the time in the posting?

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yeah, i live in the utc time and it said 20:00 utc which was like an hour ago-ish because right now it’s 21:41. i live in england so it should be utc i believe.

Hmmm, I’m getting 2022-03-30 20:42:54.11762 UTC for the time right now(ish). I put 20:30 in the dashboard alert, but timezones are gross and time math is weird, so maybe I messed it up. Sorry for the confusion!

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Nah, you’re in BST right now.


yeah i was just about to say that, i am normally in utc but i didn’t realise that the clocks shifted. i mean i did realise that but i just forgot.


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