Scaling the 6583 review wall - Once more unto the breach!

I was busy all day and didn’t have time for much, but the brief reviews I did do went well.

Sat Nov 20 2021:
Time spent: 5m
Reviews completed: 25
Reviews remaining: 4582
Reviews in next week: 4845 (+263)
Accuracy: 80.00% (20/25)
Accuracy on resurrected items: 86.67% (13/15)
Accuracy on non-resurrected items: 70.00% (7/10)

Current item counts:
Apprentice: 2863
Guru: 1351
Master: 479
Enlightened: 736
Burned 1624

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Progress Charts

I finally took the time to figure out how to scrape my progress posts and create some graphs showing my review count over time.

The first two months of this challenge are a bit complicated to graph, because I reset my level several times, first from 60 to 48, then to 47, and finally to 46. Below is a chart of my review count for the first 90 days, showing the count after each time I reset in a different color. As you can see, this was not a happy time for me :frowning:

And here’s a chart showing my progress in the 135 days since I reset to level 46 (July 9th - November 20th). At the end of August, I also started tracking reviews due in the next week (red line) as well as the current review count (blue line). Note that this graph does not include the stats for today (November 21st), which will be off the bottom of the graph :slight_smile:


I did well on my reviews today and completely smashed the previous record review count, reaching 4284. And that’s even more impressive than it seems, because I also did three new lessons today, so my review count would have been only 4281 if I hadn’t done any lessons.

Incidentally, I don’t think it’s entirely coincidence that I’ve been blowing past one record after another recently. If you look at my graphs above, it may seem like I was basically just treading water for months, but I think one of the keys is that a lot of progress comes in ways that aren’t reflected in the review count graphs.

First off is the fact that almost a quarter of the easier items have advanced to guru or higher now. When I first started, most of the reviews I did were at Apprentice level, so whenever I tried to “sprint” by doing lots of reviews at once, my review count would just bounce back almost immediately as all the items I reviewed re-entered the review pile in hours or days. However, nowadays over half the reviews I do end up at guru+, meaning that they won’t add to the pile again for at least a week. This means that the bounce back is not as severe and takes longer to manifest, which has enabled me to dive much deeper than before.

The second major factor is increased accuracy. While there are some items I’ve missed repeatedly, I sometimes I do manage to remember an item that I missed previously when it comes back up for review. Combined with increased familiarity in general, and my accuracy has gone up a lot over time, which also helps keep my review count down for longer with less effort. Another side effect of this is that when my accuracy is higher, I’m a lot more motivated to do reviews. When I miss a bunch of reviews, I’ll just give up and quit early.

Back during the summer when I was just treading water, I told myself that every little bit helped and I was still slowly making invisible progress as described above. However, it’s one thing to think that and quite another to really see it in action.

On another note, at the end of August, I added a new stat to my nightly stat posts - reviews due in the next week. The idea behind this is the “bounce back” effect mentioned above. Early on, most of my reviews were Apprentice, which meant that the current review count was highly volatile. If I did a bunch of reviews, the review count would plummet, then immediately bounce back up.

The idea was that tracking the review count due in 7 days instead would provide a much less volatile picture of my progress, since it isn’t affected by Apprentice reviews at all. You can see this reflected in the graph above. The red line tends to track the blue line, but it goes up and down by smaller amounts each time, and more smoothly.

However, since over half my reviews lately have been Guru+, the +7 day review count is still relatively volatile, so I decided to add a new stat: Reviews due in the next month. This number can only be decreased by Enlightened and Burn reviews, so it will probably only go up and down very slowly.

Sun Nov 21 2021:
Time spent: 92
Reviews completed: 409
Reviews remaining: 4284
Reviews in next week: 4740 (+456)
Reviews in next month: 5094 (+354)
Accuracy: 75.79% (310/409)
Accuracy on resurrected items: 92.65% (189/204)
Accuracy on non-resurrected items: 59.02% (121/205)

Current item counts:
Apprentice: 2835
Guru: 1387
Master: 470
Enlightened: 714
Burned 1650


Here are the current stats for the items I unburned back in May. As I mentioned last night, nearly a quarter are already at Guru or higher, and another 18.7% are not far behind at Apprentice 4. I’m also amazed that eight items have already made it all the way to Enlightened (remember, they all started at Apprentice 1 back in May). Last time I checked, only one had.

It’s also worth noting that just because I burned an item last year doesn’t mean I know it well, and I also occasionally make mistakes on the ones I do know. Therefore, a lot of the ones still at Apprentice 1 are probably there because I missed them when they came up for review, rather than still not having come up for review at all yet in the last six months.

Apprentice 1: 406 (15.22%)
Apprentice 2: 529 (19.83%)
Apprentice 3: 603 (22.60%)
Apprentice 4: 499 (18.70%)
Guru 1: 346 (12.97%)
Guru 2: 199 (7.46%)
Master: 78 (2.92%)
Enlightened: 8 (0.30%)

Barely had time to do reviews today, and since I’m going on vacation tomorrow, I’m unlikely to do many reviews for the next week, either.

Mon Nov 22 2021:
Time spent: 5m
Reviews completed: 21
Reviews remaining: 4395
Reviews in next week: 4747 (+352)
Reviews in next month: 5102 (+355)
Accuracy: 71.43% (15/21)
Accuracy on resurrected items: 76.92% (10/13)
Accuracy on non-resurrected items: 62.50% (5/8)

Current item counts:
Apprentice: 2834
Guru: 1387
Master: 471
Enlightened: 714
Burned 1650

I had a great review session and did a lot of reviews this morning before leaving on vacation. I probably won’t be doing much if any for the next week though.

Tue Nov 23 2021:
Time spent: 35m
Reviews completed: 136
Reviews remaining: 4404
Reviews in next week: 4720 (+316)
Reviews in next month: 5092 (+372)
Accuracy: 80.15% (109/136)
Accuracy on resurrected items: 86.42% (70/81)
Accuracy on non-resurrected items: 70.91% (39/55)

Current item counts:
Apprentice: 2815
Guru: 1402
Master: 473
Enlightened: 709
Burned 1657

Wed Nov 24 2021:
Time spent: 5m
Reviews completed: 23
Reviews remaining: 4474
Reviews in next week: 4761 (+287)
Reviews in next month: 5090 (+329)
Accuracy: 78.26% (18/23)
Accuracy on resurrected items: 88.89% (8/9)
Accuracy on non-resurrected items: 71.43% (10/14)

Current item counts:
Apprentice: 2813
Guru: 1404
Master: 471
Enlightened: 710
Burned 1658

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Thu Nov 25 2021:
Time spent: 4m
Reviews completed: 19
Reviews remaining: 4515
Reviews in next week: 4770 (+255)
Reviews in next month: 5091 (+321)
Accuracy: 73.68% (14/19)
Accuracy on resurrected items: 100.00% (8/8)
Accuracy on non-resurrected items: 54.55% (6/11)

Current item counts:
Apprentice: 2811
Guru: 1405
Master: 473
Enlightened: 708
Burned 1659

Fri Nov 26 2021:
Time spent: 3m
Reviews completed: 15
Reviews remaining: 4527
Reviews in next week: 4780 (+253)
Reviews in next month: 5093 (+313)
Accuracy: 60.00% (9/15)
Accuracy on resurrected items: 85.71% (6/7)
Accuracy on non-resurrected items: 37.50% (3/8)

Current item counts:
Apprentice: 2811
Guru: 1405
Master: 475
Enlightened: 706
Burned 1659

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Sat Nov 27 2021:
Time spent: 5m
Reviews completed: 22
Reviews remaining: 4543
Reviews in next week: 4783 (+240)
Reviews in next month: 5098 (+315)
Accuracy: 68.18% (15/22)
Accuracy on resurrected items: 75.00% (9/12)
Accuracy on non-resurrected items: 60.00% (6/10)

Current item counts:
Apprentice: 2810
Guru: 1405
Master: 475
Enlightened: 707
Burned 1659

Sun Nov 28 2021:
Time spent: 5m
Reviews completed: 24
Reviews remaining: 4619
Reviews in next week: 4834 (+215)
Reviews in next month: 5101 (+267)
Accuracy: 75.00% (18/24)
Accuracy on resurrected items: 100.00% (13/13)
Accuracy on non-resurrected items: 45.45% (5/11)

Current item counts:
Apprentice: 2809
Guru: 1407
Master: 475
Enlightened: 706
Burned 1659

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Keep it up! I think about your journey from time to time when I slack off and have 200-300. You really are so powerful for this!


Mon Nov 29 2021:
Time spent: 3m
Reviews completed: 16
Reviews remaining: 4623
Reviews in next week: 4839 (+216)
Reviews in next month: 5105 (+266)
Accuracy: 68.75% (11/16)
Accuracy on resurrected items: 100.00% (10/10)
Accuracy on non-resurrected items: 16.67% (1/6)

Current item counts:
Apprentice: 2811
Guru: 1404
Master: 476
Enlightened: 706
Burned 1659

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