Saikawa & Moe (S&M) Series Reading Club

I was rather referring to

and so I wanted to keep you in the loop regarding when the next Saikawa and Moe is going to happen. As it seems, it will be some time until then :blush:

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Ah, cool - yeah I was referring to volume 3 S&M there as the book I’m planning on reading next, as I’m behind this club. But yeah, according to most of the options posted above I should most likely be to catch up to the club by the time you get to volume 5 :+1:


Ah ok, I was not aware that you are behind in this club. I hope you can manage to catch up, although the alternatives (F&B 2 etc.) also look very promising :wink:
BTW S&M Vol. 3 is my favourite one until now so I hope you’ll enjoy it!


Looks like everybody is fine with December! Let’s fix the details once we get closer to the date.


December is approaching pretty fast now :sweat_smile: and so I’ve set up a home thread for our next book:


I’d better get reading 詩的私的ジャック! :open_mouth:


Already have it on the shelf!


It’s been on my Amazon wishlist for a while… C’mon, Amazon, put it on the winter sale…

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Good things come to those who wait, the Kindle version of WHO INSIDE is 30% right now :smiley:
(It’s also part of a deal where you get 15% points back if you buy 5 eligible book)

I think both end in 4 days.


Should we decide a tentative start date for the next book? Maybe around June, if we want to keep going for a biannual schedule?


I’ve always felt the schedule was less “biannual” and more “alternating with the Yokomizo club” xD Next week is the last week of 犬神, so I think there’s a question of how much of a gap we want there to be. Starting in June would be almost a 2-month gap, which is kind of long…

…although I’m trying to read 黒死館殺人事件 which has been slow going, and I’ve been thinking about pausing all my reading clubs (after 犬神) until I finish 黒死館, so personally a larger gap could be fine.

Alternate proposal: Start Illusion Acts Like Magic immediately and speed through it so we can start Replaceable Summer on June 21


I vote for June 17 entirely because I’ll be getting back from a vacation the day before :slight_smile:.


Ahem. Sorry folks :sweat_smile: I just created a ginormous pile of busy-busy for myself :sweat_smile: but I think I’m slowly crawling out of it again…

I’d have totally forgotten about this message, if Redglare hadn’t written this just now:

Thanks for waking me up :rofl:

I was also of the impression that this club was moving at a pace of two books per year, one in ~June and one in ~December. Let’s see what y’all think about this:

When should we start our next book?

  • Start early June
  • Start late June
  • Start earlier (May, I guess?)
  • Start later (July-August)
  • Start still later (after August)
  • I have another idea (please explain)
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To give you some background information on the book:

It has 584 pages and contains 9 chapters (interestingly they are numbered 1, 3, 5 and so on) and also the titles are very interesting, but go see for yourself if you’re curious :grin:
Those pages range from ~23 pages to ~120 pages in length, with the majority being in the 60-70 page range.

These are the (calculated) page counts in detail:

chapter ~pages
1 71
3 70
5 68
7 85
9 53
11 23
13 60
15 31
17 120

What is your preferred reading speed?

  • 1 chapter per week
  • 1 ch. per week but split up ch. 17
  • 1 ch. per week but split up ch. 7 and ch. 17
  • Something else (please explain)

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Re start time: I didn’t vote for “I have another idea”, but just putting it out there that it’s not too late to speedread this book in order to start Replaceable Summer in June…

Re reading speed: My proposal is 1 chapter a week, except 9+11 are combined, and 15 is combined with the first ~40 pages of 17. This way 11, 15, and 17, which are the outliers, are all smoothed out.


I would also prefer to combine chapters 9+11 (but I don’t feel strongly about it).

I don’t think merging 15 with the beginning of 17 is really worth the bother though. Most people will read ahead on their own anyway, and having one thread per chapter is cleaner than trying to pick an arbitrary breakpoint mid-chapter.


+1 and it’s not a big problem if some people don’t finish “on time” if it’s the last week anyway.

I’m already curious to see what happens in this last chapter though :o If it follows the usual pattern then the penultimate chapter will be the big reveal, and the last one will be an epilogue of sorts, but where more interesting stuff does tend to happen. And that must be the longest one yet.


Good point. Are we okay with reading Replaceable Summer in December?

  • We should read Replaceable Summer in summer!*
  • I don’t care if we read Replaceable Summer in winter

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*note that reading Replaceable Summer in summer means that either we have to read Illusion Acts Like Magic quickly before that, and we’ll be reading two books in a row, OR we wait a year after Illusion Acts Like Magic


I personally wouldn’t mind reading them back to back, but I know that most people won’t want to / be able to do this, so I don’t mind reading Replaceable Summer in winter.

Plus, Illusion Acts Like Magic could take place in fall or winter, for all we know.