Saikawa & Moe (S&M) Series Reading Club

Yeah, I was thinking along these lines as well, while critically eyeing the pile of new bookclubs that’s upcoming (and personal reading plans) :joy_cat:
Thanks for the push! :+1:

Haha same here :joy_cat: So we have to continue reading, right? :sweat_smile:

OK, to get an overview these are the book clubs that are ongoing or starting soon:

  • 地球星人 (Intermediate Book Club) runs until March 25th (takes a 1-week break around the holidays)
  • かがみの孤城 (Standalone, Intermediate level) runs until March 11th (takes a 2-week break around the holidays)
  • 本陣殺人事件 (Advanced Book Club) starts on Jan 1st, runs until uh I think I haven’t set up a schedule yet :sweat_smile: Feb/March
  • 薬屋のひとりごと (Advanced Book Club) starts right after 本陣殺人事件 (after a 1-week break)

For the next book in this series, 笑わない数学者, there are 11 chapters of pretty equal length (except the first and the last one) with an average length of ~42 pages or so. My schedule suggestion would be to read 1 chapter per week. (This is just fyi, I have put up a home thread for the book where we can discuss things.)

For the start time, we could start during the holidays (i.e. next Friday!) and make use of the other book clubs’ breaks (if anybody is involved in them) to get us into the mood again and to read the first chapter which is a bit longer than the others. Or we could start a bit later.

Let’s have a look at concrete dates. I’ve added the end dates based on an 11-week schedule to give you an idea.

  • Start on Dec 25th (until March 11th)
  • Start on Jan 1st (until March 18th)
  • Start on Jan 8th (until March 25th)
  • Start later (please explain)
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