Review limit


How can I limit my reviews to 100 for example because now I have like more than 800…


Stop doing lessons for a while, your review numbers will drop.


You can hit the wrap up button when you want to quit, which will wrap up any remaining reviews you’ve half-answered.


You cannot tell the programm to stop adding reviews when hitting a certain number?


I believe what you’re looking for is Vacation mode

I’ve never used it so I don’t know exactly how it works, but it should be pretty self-explanatory.


But if you use vacation mode, you can’t do reviews either. And as soon as you end vacation mode, the reviews will pile up again.


Nah I know vacation mode, I mean something else read it in another topic forgot how it calls.


Oh really? I didn’t know that…

I don’t know of any other ways of stopping the reviews since the whole point of getting more reviews is that they’re coming up based on SRS. I think your best bet is just to start trying to tackle your queue, since the longer you leave it, the larger it’ll get.


Yeah I have 160 now when I subscribe again it’s probably around 1000.


Thank you! :bowing_man: I didn’t know this exists and i hate when i have to stop and lost a lot of half-done review! No idea why i missed it until today


But… at least for me, they’re not lost? I do reviews on my mobile a lot, and when I lose connection, I have to start a new review session. Normally, if I have entered a reading already, then I only have to review the meaning and it’s done. :slight_smile: It even remembers if I had the reading wrong… :frowning_face:
But the button is cool anyway, when I know I won’t make it through a session.


After a certain amount of time the session will expire and you’ll “lose” those half finished reviews. If I remember correctly, it’s a couple of hours. If you’ve got a lot of reviews and have to step away for a while, you can have items that you’ve only done one half of that you’ll have to repeat but if you come back before that you’ll still be good.


If you loose connection it is not a problem, but if you have to close the browser they are lost. Interestingly the error are not lost, only the correct ones.