Recommendations for Kinesthetic learners

Have you tried They have a track on conversational Japanese:

Personally I find it difficult to converse as a beginner without having some further foundation in vocabulary and grammar, hence why I’m using WaniKani/KaniWani/Bunpro to build that up to at least JLPT N5 level. From there I’m going to try and improve my speaking (which at the moment, is pretty much non-existent unless I carefully plan and write things down first).

I’ve also heard that in order to improve your speaking skills, you must work hard on your listening skills. Equally, if you want to improve your writing skills, you should work hard on your reading. Because I would like to work on my speaking skills, my daily listening comes from JPod but also Dogen for pitch accent:

Edit: I should also leave a link to this of course, which has a section on speaking in the table of contents:

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