Recommend Me a Japanese Fantasy Novel Series


Am I the only one to dislike the anime ? (didn’t read the novel)

I found it objectively highly over rated, even mediocre, and subjectively just plain terrible… The story is a complete mess going nowhere, the characters are blend and their relationship makes no sense, the full background is dumped at you at episode 3 with an horrendous 15min static scene and the plot holes and incoherences are way to many to keep track of…

I just find it no redeeming qualities :confused:


Thanks for the recommendations.

For the record, I’ve ordered 獣の奏者, 新世界より and 十二国記 (the last one based on the recommendations of two italki tutors).

No promises as to actually reading through them though! :slight_smile:


If you remove episode 3, I think the first half of the series is quite good. You just have to be able to follow and understand the design behind how characters are introduced and developed. The second half though, after the big time skip, however, I found to be completely mundane. If I remember correctly, I started the series with a 9, then dropped it to a because of episode 3. It climbed back up to an 8 until the time skip, where it dripped to the 6 it remains to this day.

I would refute it having many plot holes or much incoherence (I actually consider its predictability to be one of its flaws), but this is neither the time nor place, especially since OP is going to give it a go! When compared to majority of anime, especially recently, it’s still of considerable quality (though that’s not meant to be saying much).

@crihak, do tell if you enjoy 新世界より, as I’ve found many anime series I’ve disliked, especially in the way of pacing or story telling, I often enjoy after reading their source material. I have a bit too much reading material on my plate currently to pick it up though. :rofl:


I like D and Guin Saga but maybe you wanted something more recent.


If you do actually read them, please post an update. I’m really curious about how difficult 新世界より is, as well as if you need to know a lot of certain types of speech (like honorific and humble speech).


I will. If nothing else because it will feel like an achievment and I’ll want to brag :slight_smile:


Typical crihak, always bragging about his achievements to his 後輩… show some 謙遜, you 馬鹿



By the way, I am actually reading it right now.
I wrote some of my thoughts on the first few pages here
Basically, it’s quite hard (but it gets easier), and is really long (~500 pages for the first book).
That being said, it’s pretty okay with floflo.

Showing no respect to my 先輩s


I read a sample, and I also found that it got easier when she started explaning about her childhood in the first chapter.

I find that it’s not uncommon for authors to use alternate forms of kanji just for shits and/or giggles… (in No 6 the author insists on using 嚙 rather than 噛 for instance :slight_smile:) These often don’t have entries.


十二国記 has been recommended to me a lot, so hopefully you’ll enjoy it :smiley:
Seems like people online are arguing about which order you should read the books in haha. Someone on HelloTalk recommended me to start with 東の海神 西の滄海 instead of with 月の影 影の海, and I should absolutely avoid to start with 魔性の子, because that contains spoilers or so.
I’ve only read the prologue of 東の海神 西の滄海 so far, and although it was a bit tough for me I enjoyed it a lot. Hope you’ll like the books!

I’ve heard that 空色勾玉 is pretty great, too, but I don’t know much about it. It seems to be a trilogy (2. 白鳥異伝, 3. 薄紅天女), so not exactly a series but close enough haha.


I bought 月の影、影の海 so hopefully it’s an OK place to start.

I’ve been recommended 空色勾玉 as well, so I might look into that later.

My current reading routine is maybe 30 minutes / 4 pages a day (although I sometimes get really into it and read more!), so I’m not expecting to work through these super quickly though!


I’m sure it’s fine. From what I’ve read in forums, people are either for reading the books in the order they were published (1-8+0), or they are for reading it in an order that is chronological story-wise (3,6,7,2,1,5,4,8,0 - that is one version I’ve found anyway haha). It’s probably just a preference thing more than anything else I would assume.

Let me know how it is if you do! I’ve put a strict “no more new books until you’ve finished the ones you have”-rule on myself, so it’ll be forever until I get the chance to look into it…

Ah that sounds nice though! A proper daily reading routine is so good~
I try to get one page done per day because the book is quite above my level (not to mention that my fantasy vocabulary is non-existant), but it’s getting a tiny bit easier with each page so there’s that…but i’m also not very consistent with the “daily” part…


My hard rule is no less than two pages, but that’s usually enough to get the ball rolling at least a little bit :slight_smile:

I’m pretty lenient with starting new stuff though, if it means I read a bit more I think that’s worth it even if I don’t finish the book!


I just had a look at the book and the one page per day might have been an exaggeration haha. I’ve forgotten how little text there is on one page lol.
But that’s a good rule! I might just steal that :smiley:

Mhh true, that’s a good point!
I guess I’m just tired of never finishing anything haha. I STILL haven’t finished a novel I bought in 2014 even though it’s not even that difficult, and that’s probably the reason for my annoyance (at myself) lol